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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs & Powder Cannons

Gender reveal smoke bombs and powder cannons are the perfect way to throw an exciting and unique gender reveal. Try our gender reveal powder cannons or smoke bombs to share the surprise with your family and friends.

Our baby gender reveal smoke bombs come in blue and pink options. Imagine gorgeous clouds of colored smoke filling the air as you find out the gender of your new baby–it’s a powerful moment! Our smoke bombs for gender reveals are non-toxic and constructed for outdoor use.

Gender reveal powder cannons are a great option for an exciting reveal. Our pink and blue gender reveal powder blasters shoot non-toxic, water-soluble powder. Gender reveal powder cannons are easy to use and will make your big reveal incredibly memorable. 

Browse our boy and girl inspired gender reveal products today!

Ignite the Excitement with Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Announcing the gender of your baby is a momentous occasion filled with anticipation and joy. As a small family-owned business based in the heart of Houston, Texas, we are dedicated to providing you with unique and memorable gender reveal products, including captivating gender reveal smoke bombs.

Gender reveal smoke bombs have become a popular and exhilarating way to unveil the gender of your little bundle of joy. These vibrant and visually stunning smoke bombs create a captivating spectacle that will leave your family and friends in awe. With our high-quality gender reveal bombs, you can add an extra touch of magic to your gender reveal party or announcement.

gender reveal bombs
smoke bombs for gender reveal

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs That Are Safe and Easy to Use

We prioritize the safety and enjoyment of your gender reveal celebration. Our gender reveal smoke bombs are designed to be easy to use, ensuring that you can focus on creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Simply ignite the fuse, step back, and watch as the air fills with a cloud of beautiful colored smoke, announcing the gender of your baby in a truly unforgettable way – blue for a boy gender reveal and pink for a girl gender reveal.

Gender reveal smoke bombs add an extra element of surprise and anticipation to your special day. The burst of vibrant smoke serves as a tangible symbol of the joy and excitement that comes with welcoming a new addition to your family. Whether you choose to capture the moment in photographs or simply savor the instant with your loved ones, our smoke bombs for your gender reveal celebration will create a lasting memory that you can cherish forever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

You've got big plans for your gender reveal celebration, and you want it to be perfect. We want your event to be one you remember for a lifetime, so we answered some of our most common questions about gender reveal smoke bombs below to help.

How Long Do Powder and Smoke Bombs Last?

The duration of powder and smoke bombs can vary depending on the specific product and brand. On average, gender reveal smoke bombs typically emit colorful smoke for approximately 60 to 90 seconds. This duration allows for ample time to capture stunning photos and create an exciting atmosphere during your gender reveal celebration. We recommend checking the product description or packaging for precise information regarding the duration of our gender reveal bombs.

Are Smoke Bombs for Gender Reveal Messy?

Smoke bombs for gender reveal are designed to provide an exciting visual effect while minimizing messiness. However, it's important to note that the smoke emitted from the smoke bombs can leave a residue on surfaces, particularly if used in close proximity to them. We recommend conducting the gender reveal outdoors or in areas where cleaning up any minor residue is more convenient. It's always a good idea to have a damp cloth or some cleaning supplies on hand to quickly address any residual traces.

How Much Powder Is in Gender Reveal Bombs?

The amount of powder contained in powder bombs can vary depending on the specific product. Our gender reveal bombs are carefully crafted to ensure an optimal burst of vibrant color when activated. The precise quantity of powder in each bomb may vary, but rest assured that our powder bombs contain enough powder to create a visually stunning effect that announces the gender of your baby in a vibrant and captivating manner.

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