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OH BABY, BABY! - We're Sharing All Things Gender Reveal

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So, you and your significant other are expecting a teeny little one and want to host the celebration of a lifetime to let your friends and family know whether they’ll need to get you bow ties or hair bows. Want to know how to throw the perfect gender reveal party? Say no more, you’ve come to the right place! Throwing a gender reveal party is just as important as any other party you throw. One thing to know about parties, is that it is all in the details! Every little thing you need to know on how to throw the most memorable gender reveal party from start to finish is right here in this blog. Keep reading for more information!

Here at Gender Reveal Surprise, we want to make sure your reveal party goes off without a hitch! However, with how costly a baby will be, mom’s belly isn’t the only thing that’s expanding. Rest assured though, we’ve researched thoroughly to bring you budget-friendly ideas for all aspects of your guaranteed awesome gender reveal party. So, you’ve made the right decision on where to shop for the party, but what’s next?  

Reveal Party To Do’s

We've broken down what you need into four basic categories: the décor, the games, the food, and of course, the reveal itself.

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The Invites.

Bows or arrows? Little man or little miss? Cupcake or stud muffin? Lashes or Stashes? Touchdowns or Tutus? Tractors or tiaras? There are countless adorable sayings to include on your invites, so choose one that fits your unique style. Etsy is a great source to find all kinds of affordable party invites. Cut costs by purchasing an instant download, and send it as an e-vite. Today, people are checking their email daily. If you're short on time and want your guests to get your invite immediately, evites are the way to go. The fun thing about email invites is you can add fun animations and graphics to make them stand out in your guests' inbox. We love this animated invite from If you're the crafty type, DIY gender reveal party invitations are perfect. Use this Baby Diaper Card Template to cut and create adorable diaper-shaped invites. Have fun using all kinds of supplies including twine, ribbon, and bows. Scan Pinterest Boards for endless inspiration.

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Gender reveals are exciting because you get the excitement that comes with the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world and the highlight of adrenaline from finding out if that little loved one will be a boy or a girl.

Hosting your very own gender reveal party can be a bit stressful but we have all the things you’ll need right here in this article to help you make the party planning process a bit easier!

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The Décor.

Make the party truly festive with lively décor around your home. DIY décor ideas include ribbons wrapped around dollar store candles or making a homemade version of this gender reveal banner using cardstock and ribbon. String pink and blue streamers around your home for a colorful touch. And if you’re not the DIY type, Party City has decorations with everything you will need.

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Hang this Pink or Blue, We Love You banner across your mantle to add a crafty touch! Are you the type that likes to get crafty? Wrap colorful ribbons around candles. Find the tutorial here. Decorate your home with pink and blue streamers. Hang paper lanterns from your living room ceiling or front porch.

Party Games.

Get some friends or family members on board and have everyone participate in a series of games to boost the spirit and guess the gender before the big reveal! It will be fun to see everyone’s guesses and what they think it will be. One of our favorite games is the Old Wives Tale to help determine the baby-to-be’s gender! 

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Have each guest bring a baby picture of themselves and put them up on the wall. Have everyone guess who is who. You'll be surprised at how entertaining this game can become. 

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Another fun way to see what everyone thinks the baby will be is placing a chalkboard at the entrance of your party and have them write in their name under Boy or Girl to see what they think it will be. One of our favorite games is putting on your invite, wear pink or blue to get everyone in with the color scheme of your party, along with seeing what they think!

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The Food.

We’ve found recipes that are easy on your wallet and delicious. If you don’t feel like having a baker make a grand cake, check out this Cake Pop Tutorial, featuring pops that are easy to make using food coloring, candy melts, and ribbon. Our mouths are also watering for these Pink and Blue Muddy Buddies that can be made with ingredients you already have around the house. If you want to go super simple or are in no way shape or form a baker, buy a bunch of Hershey’s Chocolate bars and color appropriately. Some other ideas include, Pink and Blue Pretzels, Pink and Blue Dipped Oreos, or Colorful Fruit Parfaits or Kabobs.

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Don’t forget the libations! Set out a punch bowl with Sprite mixed with rainbow sherbet or blue and pink lemonade in drink dispensers or pitchers. If your guests are looking for something boozy, try this simple Strawberry Sangria to liven up the mood.


The first thing that comes to mind when someone says gender reveal is how are you going to actually do the reveal? Will you use a confetti, powder, or streamer cannon? Will you do a burnout kit and drive over it? Why drive over it to reveal when you can hit the baseball or dunk the basketball… or kick the soccer ball!! The options are ENDLESS to say the very least! Listed below are some of the best options we offer to make this moment truly fabulous!


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Let confetti rain down on you in a cloud of blue or pop of pink! Our confetti cannons will knock your socks off! They will make the moment of finding out your baby’s gender truly magical! You will be over-the-moon with your friends and family surrounding you in the happiest moment of your life!

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What could be a more anticipated and excited reveal than a game of roulette to find out what he/she could be! These powder roulette cannons are going to make your reveal nerve-racking with butterflies to find out your baby’s gender! You will have fun with this reveal experience! 


Here it is. Your future athlete is on the way and you are ready for it! Will you score a boy or hit it with a girl! Check out all our sporty reveal options to choose from to see which one is perfect for you! Whether your little varsity player is a soccer star, baseball baller, basketball hotshot, or golf genius, you can find all of those options here at Gender Reveal Surprise!

Man kicking a ball full of blue smoke powder

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I hope all of these tips were helpful in your planning process for all things needed to host the perfect gender reveal! Please share your ideas with us or if you use any of the tips we gave, send us a picture! We love seeing how our creative customers put our ideas and their own to use! We look forward to sharing your gender reveal moment with you! Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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