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We are a small family owned business located in the Houston, Texas area. We started Gender Reveal Surprise's sister company I Love Sparklers about 8 years ago when my wife started planning our wedding and saw that sparklers were really popular for wedding exits.

Since I had grown up working in the fireworks industry for my father's company, we already had easy access to sparklers, so we launched our first online store in January of 2009.

Over the years we were often contacted by expectant parents looking for confetti cannons and other Gender Reveal items and realized this was another good market for us. Then in 2016 we were expecting our first child and decided to throw a Gender Reveal party for our friends and family and saw how much fun it was. 

That's when we decided it was time to build our newest store, Gender Reveal Surprise, so that we could provide a variety of fun gender reveal products for new parents to share their exciting news with family and friends.

We know this is such a special time in your life and are honored to be a part of your gender reveal celebrations and announcements! 


The Volanski Family



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