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Gender Reveal Videos are Dynamite with Confetti Cannons and Powder

Beyond the day you announce your pregnancy and before your child's birth, the next most important day has to be the day you host your gender reveal party. Of course, if you are going to have a party, you could probably use a few gender reveal party ideas. If you are, like most proud parents, planning to create a video of the event, we believe confetti cannons and powder cannons are a fantastic addition to your gender reveal videos.

Confetti Cannons for the Win!

At Gender Reveal Surprise, we carry 12 and 18-inch confetti cannons that fire your choice of pink or blue confetti. Each cannon measures 2 inches in diameter, making them a perfect fit for your hand. All of our gender reveal confetti is made from fully biodegradable paper, so you never have to worry about cleanup if you are hosting your party outdoors.

Our confetti and powder cannons fire a burst of pink or blue confetti and powder up to 15 feet in the air and are best used outdoors to help reduce the amount of cleanup needed. Both styles are the perfect way to create amazing gender reveal videos. When shooting your videos, be sure you focus on more than just the confetti. While our confetti and confetti & powder cannons are a sight to see, there is far more to capture on your videos.

Capture the Looks on Your Guests’ Faces

One of the most important aspects of any gender reveal party is finding a way to surprise your guests. If you are going to make use of our gender reveal cannons, instead of focusing the camera on the confetti as it is fired into the air, you should instead be focusing on the faces of your guests.

There is nothing quite like the looks of amazement that are likely to appear on your guests' faces when they hear the "POP!" of the gender reveal cannon. The only look that could possibly be better is the one on their faces when they see what color the confetti is. The day you announce the gender of your baby should be one of fun and festivities. It only stands to reason that you would want to capture it all on your gender reveal the videos.

The WOW Factor

When you twist the bottom of one our gender reveal confetti cannons, the confetti is blasted up to fifteen feet in the air. Our cannons are powered by compressed air and contain nothing flammable or toxic. The confetti paper used in them is biodegradable and safe for indoor or outdoor use.

When using our cannons, be sure you point them straight up in the air. You should never aim them at a person as it’s possible that the confetti or powder blasting from the end may cause injury. Why not give them out to your guests, and while you are filming the event, give them a countdown at the end of which they all fire their cannons into the air, cheering as the colored confetti showers down upon them? For more information or to order your gender reveal party supplies, visit Gender Reveal Surprise for a great selection. 

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