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Gender Reveal Games

Gender reveal baby shower games can add to the excitement of the party before and after the actual reveal. Baby gender reveal games bring family and friends together for moments no one will ever forget. We’ve listed some of our favorites below!

  • Old Wives’ Tales – Old Wives’ Tales are a fun way to try and guess the gender of the baby through cravings, moods, and more. Come up with a list of questions and have guests write down their guesses, answering boy or girl. Then, reveal the gender and see who guessed correctly!
  • Candy In A Jar – Place pink and blue colored candies (e.g. jelly beans, Sweet Tarts, etc.) in a jar and ask guests to guess how many pink candies and blue candies are in the jar. The closest person wins.
  • Lawn games – If your family and friends love lawn games, you could set up pink and blue-themed Bags. You can also include badminton, football, and other outdoor games.
  • Bingo – Lay out pink or blue themed Bingo cards; however, for this festive version of the game, the numbers must match the color that corresponds to the gender of the baby! Trust us, people get heated when they want their last number to be called.
  • Board games and Pictionary – Perhaps there’s a chance that the weather might not cooperate with you on the day of the party. That’s okay! People really enjoy Pictionary, and you can easily make it a baby-related affair. Worst case scenario, you pull out your favorite board games to make sure everyone is involved.

When you incorporate all or some of these gender reveal baby shower games into your celebration, you can keep your guests engaged and excited. These baby gender reveal games are the perfect way to celebrate your new baby boy or girl.

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