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You're About to Pop - Make Your Gender Reveal Pop, Too, With Our New Powder Confetti Cannons!

You are an expectant mother and you feel as if you are about to pop, or you feel like you look that way. In fact, you look great and should enjoy this brief moment in time when everyone authentically sees you as glowing! You are probably also eager to do a gender reveal party, and use some sort of gender reveal powder or confetti at the big moment.

You might be scouring the millions of gender reveal ideas, hoping to find a way to make your moment stand out. But, here’s the thing – you don’t have to do anything outstanding or crazy to create an unforgettable event. The use of reliable gender reveal powder cannons and other gender reveal ideas will be more than enough.

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons are Show Stoppers

Here’s why you don’t have to trouble yourself trying to find unique ways to  make your reveal: everyone is going to be excited and delighted no matter how you  make your baby’s gender known. It could be done by holding up a sign that says, “It’s a (insert boy or girl)” and your family and friends will scream and whoop with joy.

However, if you want to make it a lot of fun and add lots of color, then the basic gender reveal powder and confetti cannons will do the trick. Safe, effective and easy to blend into almost any of the gender reveal ideas and party concepts, they add that pop or burst of color and excitement you crave.

Combine Props with Gender Reveal Ideas

And you should try to keep in mind that any kind of gender reveal ideas or party plans work well with high quality gender reveal powder and confetti cannons. After all, let’s say you have decided that your party is to be the “What will it Bee?” theme with a yellow and black color scheme that matches the natural colors of a bee.

Your guests will still expect the big moment to be pink or blue colored. The same goes for your backyard luau or barbecue, the Valentine’s Day gender reveal, the Independence Day reveal, and so on.

Using a trustworthy device that blasts the color clearly into the field of vision of the whole group is really all that you need to make your party a huge success. Yes, it is super fun to use those other methods, such as the cakes with blue or pink inserts, the pizzas that line up to spell out the answer,  the big box of balloons that opens to reveal the right colors, and even a “sorting hat” theme with clothing for a boy or girl. However, you want everyone to easily see and get the answer without asking “What is it? What was it?” and so on.

With the gender reveal powder cannons and confetti cannons from Gender Reveal Surprise, you can have any sort of event and be sure your big moment is easy to see and understand, as well as being fun and colorful.
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