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Warm Weather is Just Around the Corner - Check Out These Tips for Hosting a Gender Reveal Barbecue

It may feel like winter will never end, but for most parts of the country, the warmer seasons are a few short weeks away. This means you may be able to arrange for a gender reveal BBQ and get everyone’s summer off to a great start. And though we did say there are weeks of colder weather left, you’ll want to organize your gender reveal party now.

Get the Gender Reveal BBQ Planning Done Now

Why would you consider planning the gender reveal BBQ so soon? There are a few reasons:

  • As your pregnancy progresses, you may not have the energy to organize a major event. Doing it now lets you get everything just as you have imagined it, but doesn’t push you to your limits later in the pregnancy
  • You can stockpile the supplies as the weeks pass; rather than paying all of the expenses at once, you’ll be able to break it up into affordable chunks
  • Booking early ensures that everyone can set aside the date for your gender reveal party, and guarantees that no one misses it
  • Your gender reveal BBQ could be a great way to begin the summer or create a tradition of gathering together with your family or friends
  • When you organize the gender reveal party early, there is no risk that the supplies you want will be unavailable or out of stock
  • Giving yourself time lets you pick the favors, décor, theme and other elements that appeal the most to you

Clearly, you’ll have fewer headaches and stresses later if you plan that party now with one or two months to do so. Yet, you may not know much about such events. Don’t worry, we have a few great tips.

How to Plan A Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal BBQ doesn’t have to be any different from a regular BBQ at your home. The only difference here is that instead of everyone gathering to watch a game or sing Happy Birthday, they come together at the moment you do the reveal. Naturally, you can do all kinds of pink and blue food and décor, but you’ll find many other color schemes are often used. You select the kind of event you want and run with it!

How is the reveal done at a traditional gender reveal party? That’s the exciting thing – there are no rules. We usually advise readers to use trustworthy methods rather than DIY or experimental options.

Confetti and streamer cannons, powder or smoke bombs, and big balloons full of confetti are three of the simplest and most fail-proof options. You could also do a cake with a colored center or some other method, but you want everyone to see the gender reveal at the same instant, and those earlier methods are the ones that work best. At Gender Reveal Surprise, you can get the supplies you need for that big moment and unforgettable BBQ.
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