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Planning the Arrival of a New Family Member? Here Are the Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas for 2019

In a very short period of time, gender reveal party planning has become a thing…a big thing. And whether you are the expectant mother planning a party or the friend entrusted with the big secret, you probably want some help with gender reveal party ideas. The good news is that we are here with some ideas you may not have yet encountered or considered, and can point you towards all of the resources you need to make your gender reveal party planning a total success.

Unique Gender Reveal Party Planning Ideas

After spending even a short time looking for gender reveal party ideas, you may have started to think that everything looks the same. There is a lot of repetition in terms of the concepts used in gender reveal party planning, but here are some trendy ideas for 2019:

Luke or Leia – Now, how many millions of Star Wars fans out there just said, “Oh man! I never thought of that one!” With the film franchise grossing so many billions over its lifetime, integrating the idea into your gender reveal party ideas is a good one. After all, both parents may love the movies. Make a short movie, hand the parents toy lightsabers you have altered with blue or pink bulbs, use cardboard cutouts of the figures, and do the reveal a with the lightsabers or with a smoke or powder product.

Clones – Have fun using a science theme. Petri dishes, beakers for drinks, lab coats and “nerd” glasses and other laboratory concepts can be added to the whole gender reveal party planning theme. The idea behind this is that the parents are “cloning” themselves and it will be his clone or hers! A great way to do the reveal here would be to blast the end of an “experiment” with a confetti cannon in the right color.

Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty – If the baby is due around Independence Day, or really at any time, a patriotic theme is a lot of fun. In fact, this is one of the gender reveal party ideas that will allow for low-cost and easy to find décor. And for the reveal? A great big gender reveal surprise balloon could release the news with a bang!

Making Gender Reveal Party Ideas Work

Keep in mind that it can be a lot of fun to plan the theme and bring it all together, but also try to make it your own. Go ahead and scout around for other ideas online and see if there is something that fits your personalities. For instance, the Mr. Moneybags and Lady Luck theme is one that a lot of people like and could make for a casino theme or even a Monopoly board game theme if you’d like.

The point of a gender reveal is to have fun and NOT stress out. Using quality gender reveal supplies is a secret to success and at Gender Reveal Surprise, you’ll find all of the powders, smoke bombs, balloons, and other items needed.

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