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Gender Reveals are a Blast With the Help of Our Confetti and Streamer Cannons

When you think quickly of the different ways people do a gender reveal for their baby, you might think of things like smoke or powder bombs, or popping a balloon. Most often, though, you probably envision the different kinds of gender reveal confetti cannons available.

Remarkably easy to use, they offer a very clear answer to the question of whether it is a boy or girl on the way. You can find them in a number of styles, including gender reveal confetti cannons of different lengths, different color blends of confetti and even with foil confetti and streamers added to the mix.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons for the Crowd

And while there are many ways you can do the big gender reveal for your baby, it is the gender reveal confetti cannons that allow the entire crowd to get in on the fun. For example, whether you are doing the party planning or trusting it to someone else, it is remarkably easy to buy confetti cannons for everyone in attendance. These can be handed out to the entire crowd and a countdown can be done to allow everyone to find out at once.

Or, you may want the gender reveal for your baby to be more personal by limiting the gender reveal confetti cannons to just you and your spouse.

All it takes is a quick twist at the base of the cannon’s paper tube and the mechanism blasts the bit of paper, foil or streamers into the air. You can opt for 12” designs in multiple hues of blue or pink, but there are also 18” options in blue or pink. You can add a touch of glamour with blue metallic or pink metallic confetti, and let everyone join in without the risk of ruining the surprise by purchasing silver and gold options for guests. If you want to add streamers to the big gender reveal for your baby, there are cannons with pink streamers or blue streamers, too.

Planning the Gender Reveal for Your Baby

As you make your plans, though, give serious thought to whether or not you wish it to be a surprise to you, as the expectant parent. If not, be sure you entrust the secret to the person you know will keep it strictly to themselves. This is the person who you can ask to buy the gender reveal gear such as the confetti cannons or other items like surprise balloons or the powder cannons and smoke bombs.

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one thing. Parents can pop a huge balloon while the guests fire the confetti or powder cannons. Be sure someone is recording the big moment because using reliable gender reveal devices, like those from Gender Reveal Surprise, makes amazing photos and videos to enjoy for years to come.
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