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Top 5 Gender Reveal Party Fails - And How to Avoid Them

By now, most of us know a few gender reveal party ideas and may have even experienced them firsthand. You may have seen friends of family creatively use gender reveal party supplies in a surprising way, or in a very straightforward manner. Some of the gender reveal party ideas you have seen may have been a big success, and others a big “fail.” In fact, recent headlines have shown how gender reveal party supplies can be used in a most disastrous manner.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas Resulting in Disaster

You might have read the word “disaster” above and had a vision of what that word means to you. For instance, does disaster mean the surprise is ruined by malfunctioning gender reveal party supplies? Maybe you picture someone slipping up and mentioning the baby’s gender just before the reveal? Perhaps it’s an injury to someone or even something worse? If so, your ideas of disaster are right in line with some of the recent gender reveal party ideas that ended in big fails. Let’s take a look at just five of them:

  1. The 40k-Plus Acre Wildfire – This one is the most well-known of all the fails because it has been all over the national news. It went down in April of 2017, when a Border Patrol agent and his family and friends enjoyed a party in the Arizona wilderness and used fireworks (yes, fireworks) as part of their reveal. This sparked a wildfire that consumed more than 40,000 acres and caused more than $8 million in damages.
  2. The Ball and Grandpa – Another favorite in the world of gender reveal party ideas is the use of smoke or powder products, which is a great idea, but not if it ends up in injury. Such has been the case in several (now viral) videos in which family members or friends become the victims of improperly-used gender reveal party supplies. In one instance, blue powder was used to fill a ball, and it was tossed towards the expectant father, who should have hit it with a bat, exploded it and revealed that a baby boy was on the way. Instead, he missed the ball and grandpa (acting as pitcher) become the vehicle by which the announcement was made, when the ball exploded on his face. In another, the ball was hit, but smacked the expectant mom in the face, and all without bursting to reveal the big news!
  3. Don’t include wildlife – For some rather insane reason, a couple in Louisiana decided to bring a huge alligator into the event and fed it a watermelon full of colored gelatin to make the big reveal. No explanations are needed to describe the near loss of limbs that ensued.
  4. Broken ankle and it’s a girl! – In another misuse of supplies, a couple used powder inside of a football that would burst when dad gave it a kick. He made the kick (warning: the video shows the injury occur, and…well, ick!) but slipped and broke his ankle!
  5. The Great Confetti Fight – The last big reveal fail occurred after the big news. It all went down in an Ohio Applebee’s when the guests and hosts were asked to clean up the big mess made by the confetti cannons, but responded by throwing things at the staff and becoming a bit of a nuisance.

Use Gender Reveal Party Supplies

So, what have we learned from these fails? Use premium supplies as intended, maybe eliminate any baseball bats or footballs, do a reveal outdoors if it will make a mess, and leave the animals out of it! You can find safe and easy-to-use supplies at Gender Reveal Surprise, including totally safe cannons, balloons, smoke and powders.
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