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Here are Our Top 5 Favorite Gender Reveal Party Themes

Can you keep a secret? If you are someone tasked with buying gender reveal party supplies (whether as an expectant parent or trusted friend), you’ll have to! After all, it’s up to you to get the things needed to make the big reveal. And while it might be someone else coming up with the gender reveal party ideas and themes, you’ll need to make it all of the way to the day of the party without ever spilling the beans!

The good news is that there are many things to keep you distracted, busy and unlikely to let the secret out. Just party planning alone can be so distracting that you’ll never offer even the tiniest hint of the gender of the baby on the way.

If you need a bit of inspiration to make your party fun and unforgettable, we want to share some of our favorite themes and gender reveal party ideas.

It All Starts with Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  • Turn a gender reveal surprise balloon into a pinata – One of the most creative and exciting things we do at parties (whether as kids or adults) is to whack a pinata until it opens and reveals its contents. Yet, it can be tough to find pinatas among gender reveal party supplies. So, why not make your own? One of our favorite creative uses of supplies is to purchase one of the huge surprise balloons and then simply follow the usual steps for turning it into a pinata that opens with a tug on the string at the bottom. This can fit a whole array of themes and ideas!
  • Use guests’ garments – Make your party a competition and ask guests to wear a shirt in pink or blue to indicate what gender they think the new baby will be. This allows you to buy lots of gender reveal party supplies in both colors, take a ton of photos and get very creative with the reveal.
  • Tutus and Bow Ties – We love this theme because it is easily one of the more creative gender reveal party ideas. It can use any sort of color scheme and have all kinds of games.
  • Use the food – Some of our favorite gender reveal party ideas and themes are in the form food. From reveals done with the slicing of a cake to the breaking of a fancy cookie, we love the concept. You can do this with cupcakes, too, and allow guests to all be in on the big moment!
  • What will it bee or Waddle it be? – A bee- or a duck-themed event keeps things distinctly gender neutral until the moment of the big announcement, and lets you choose from a much wider range of gender reveal party supplies.

Other Gender Reveal Party Ideas We Love

We have also seen a remarkably creative science themed party, a silly string reveal, movie themed events, sports themes, paint gun themes, and more. You will want to take time and select a theme you really love and then get your big reveal supplies from a trusted retailer like Gender Reveal Surprise.

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