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New Baby in the New Year? Gender Reveal Balloons Announce the News in a Big Way

Among the most popular of the many different types of gender reveal party supplies are big gender reveal balloons. The way they work is simple:

  • You or the person entrusted with the secret of the baby’s gender purchase a balloon that arrives pre-filled with the appropriately colored confetti
  • The balloon is filled with helium and then used at the big moment during the party to let everyone know what gender the baby is

Naturally, this does not mean you have to limit your gender reveal party supplies to that one, fantastic balloon. In fact, you can partner it up with everything from confetti cannons to powder cannons or even smoke bombs. There are so many fun ways to use gender reveal balloons that we have decided to offer a few tips and hints for planning your party and using all of the fun and exciting gender reveal party supplies you possibly can!

Party Themes and Gender Reveal Party Supplies

If you have decided that one or more gender reveal balloons will be the way you find out the gender of the baby, you don’t have to just emphasize that one item. You can have a themed party and add lots of additional gender reveal party supplies to make the event more suspenseful, colorful, memorable and just plain fun.

As a simple example, consider how you might go about popping any gender reveal balloons you use. Sure, you can take a pin and just bust it, but why not consider something like a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings theme (if that’s your thing) and use a magic wand (maybe with a straight pin stuck in the end) to reveal the gender?

If you prefer something different, you could make the balloon a target on a dart board and take turns tossing rubber tipped darts at it while everyone watches. You could go an alternate route altogether and use plain canned air to fill the balloon and keep it in a big box (with lots of fancy wrappings) and pop it on a table in front of guests. You could surround it with themed balloons as the centerpiece of a table or take it all outdoors and have the expectant parents do the popping in a photogenic or important location (just be sure it is held tightly since too many “epic fails” ensue when balloons float away without being popped!).

You might even fill a huge box with balloons that slowly rise up ahead of the gender reveal balloon, making it a big presentation.

Have Fun with Gender Reveal Balloons

The point to remember here is to ensure you just have as much fun as possible with the supplies, the balloons and the big moment. Whether you do it as a themed event or just emphasize the reveal, it will be super special, and especially if you use premium supplies like those available from Gender Reveal Surprise.
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