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The Order of Things...Here's What Should Happen at Every Gender Reveal Party

If you have been tasked with gender reveal party planning, you are probably stressing over all the little details. There are plenty of things to consider, and you don’t want the parents to be disappointed with the way things turn out.

We are here to help you with your gender reveal party ideas! We have collected a few things that should happen at the reveal, and suggested the best order in which to present them.  

Things That Should Happen, Gender Reveal Party Ideas

The first thing that you should do when working on your gender reveal party planning is picking your big moment. The big reveal is always the crowning glory of the party, and the rest of the details of your party will hinge on it. The type of reveal you choose may dictate the need for a particular theme or even a particular venue. Be conscious of the time of year when your party will be held because it could make your reveal moment less effective than you had planned. Powder confetti cannons may not be as impressive in the rain, so not using them during the rainy spring months is something to consider.

Once the big moment has been decided, you can start pulling together the other pieces such as the theme, the color scheme, the decorations, and the food. Your gender reveal party planning should also include a games list to keep people entertained while they are in attendance. You should also decide whether the gender reveal is going to double as the baby shower or if it is going to be a separate affair.

Once the big day arrives, you need to make sure you have everything set before the parents-to-be arrive. You don’t want to accidentally spoil the surprise by having them see something before the appropriate time. Enlist a few helpers to monitor the “secrets,” to keep them out of the hands of anyone before it is time for the big moment.

Plan to do the reveal at a point in the party when everyone will be ready to pay attention. If you are having a meal, you want to wait until people are finished eating, otherwise, some people may be distracted and miss the big moment. Another tip for the big reveal is to make sure that it is in a spot where everyone will have a good vantage point. It can be a magical moment, and you want to make sure that none of the guests are going to miss it.

Need More Gender Reveal Party Ideas?

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Confetti cannons, surprise balloons, and sparklers are just a few of the things that we have to offer. We can help take a whole lot of the stress out of the party planning, so you can get to the fun!

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