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Reveal the News with a Shower of Confetti

When planning a gender reveal party, one of the main concerns will be how to announce the gender. You want to make sure that the big reveal is an exciting event that is full of drama, and what better way to add a little flare than with gender reveal confetti cannons.

There are a million and one gender reveal party ideas out there, but the confetti cannons have a way of sticking in the memory of everyone in attendance. They can be so fun, and they make for a truly delightful photograph.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons for the Win

There are three main types of cannons that are used, and all three are great gender reveal party ideas. You can choose the type that best suits the personality of the parents, fits with the theme of the party, and will work at the venue where the party is being held.

The gender reveal smoke bombs come in either blue or pink, and can be a really fun props for your party. The billowing clouds of colored smoke create a lovely photograph, and everyone in attendance at the party will be able to enjoy the effect with ease. The smoke is non-toxic, but it is still meant to be used outdoors. Grab a couple for a truly BIG moment. Please note that the smoke bombs are not meant to be held in the hand while in use.

Another fun reveal moment can be achieved with the 16” powder cannon. These popper style cannons shoot out either blue or pink rice powder that is non-toxic and water soluble. The cannons are very easy to use, and they shoot the powder fifteen feet into the air. ! Get one for each parent and for any siblings for a truly fun time. Everyone will cheer when the colored powder shoots through the air.

The third gender reveal confetti cannons option is the 18” powder and confetti cannons. These come with either pink or blue contents, and they work in the same way as the 16” powder cannons. The extra confetti just adds even more atmosphere to the pop!

All of the cannons are marked on the outside so as not to give away the contents on the inside.

Want a Few More Gender Reveal Party Ideas?

Gender Reveal Surprise has the trustworthy confetti cannons you need to make your party a raving success. The cannons are safe to use, and they will blast the colors high and proud for the entire party to see clearly. The big moment will be a spectacular event that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come.

There are other great supplies available if confetti cannons just won’t work out at your venue. You can try our surprise balloons or our fun sparklers. We even have a great DIY project that can be added to your gender reveal party ideas list. Check out our blog for even more great gender reveal party ideas, we just can’t get enough of the party planning!

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