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Share the Excitement with Friends and Family - Our 3 Top Tips for Gender Reveal Fun

So, you are expecting a baby and want to get in on the fun of a gender reveal party. That’s great! And whether it is your first baby or you’ve already got a house full of kids, it is super fun to let everyone know the gender of the baby by hosting a festive gathering of family and friends. Naturally, you have lots to think about in terms of the food, the location, and all the rest. Yet, one thing sets this party apart from anything you’ve ever done before, and that’s your need for gender reveal party supplies.

How Will You Make the Big Announcement at the Gender Reveal Party?

The usual party requires supplies that include décor, plates and cups, and perhaps some flowers, balloons and all the rest. While you may have hosted themed parties in the past  and purchased specialty supplies for them, a gender reveal party requires stuff that is very different from the “norm.”

For example, you need gender reveal party supplies that allow you to announce the baby’s gender using colors. Pink for a girl, blue for a boy…these are standard colors and at your gender reveal party, you let everyone know what gender your baby is through the use of gadgets and gender reveal party supplies that include:

As you might have already seen at other parties or by searching online, people use these gender reveal party options in a creative number of ways. However, not everyone gets the entire group involved. If this is something you want to do, we have three suggestions.

3 Ways to Use Gender Reveal Party Supplies for the Group

A lot of expectant parents work with a party planner (either a friend or a paid professional), who is allowed to purchase the gender reveal party supplies while keeping the baby’s gender a secret. This lets everyone experience the delight of finding out just who is due to arrive in the weeks or months after the event.

While that planner will buy the supplies, the parents choose how the reveal is done. For it to be a group activity, you can choose one of these fun methods:

  • Give everyone attending a confetti cannon. It is impossible to know the gender until they are all fired. A countdown from five or ten adds to the excitement and everyone will learn at once!
  • Have cupcakes made with colored centers – either pink or blue. At the moment of the reveal, everyone can bite into their little cake and see the answer!
  • Fill a piñata with confetti in the appropriate color and let each guest take a swing until it cracks open, revealing the gender.

There are many ways to bring everyone in on the fun, and you should make sure you have a good time making the plans and discovering the surprise along with family and friends. Gender Reveal Surprise has all of those unique items you need for the best event.

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