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Beautiful Confetti and Powder Gender Reveal

collage of confetti & powder gender reveals with the words "beautiful confetti & powder cannon gender reveal." below.

You’ve found out your are having a baby and you already know you are going to have the best Gender Reveal Party in all of history. When it comes time to reveal the sex of your baby, or even find out for yourself, you want this surprise to be huge! You’ve watched the YouTube videos, you’ve seen other people’s Facebook reveals and you know that you want to do this big! You’ve done a ton of research and decided that for your Gender Reveal Party a Confetti Cannon and Powder Cannon Combination is exactly what you are looking for.

 Your Gender Reveal Party is a time for celebration, a time for friends and family to gather together and a time for excitement. It isn’t everyday you welcome a new tiny member into your family and you want everyone you hold dear to you to remember this incredible blessing. You’re not just planning this party for you and your loved ones, you’re planning for the memories that will be recorded and shared time and again with your new son or daughter.

Sharing this experience with those you love and hold dear is a once in a lifetime moment. The Confetti Canon and Powder Cannon Combination is the perfect choice for the most spectacular display of exploding color. Whether it’s a burst of blue or a pop of powdery pink, you’ll be showered with vibrant gender revealing color. In addition to the awe-inspiring colorful cloud that wafts into the air, this cannon will also bathe you in tiny bits of colored confetti. As the soft and billowy cloud floats on the air, the little bits of confetti whirl and twirl as they slowly glide to the ground. The Confetti Cannon and Powder Cannon Combination give you the best of both worlds when it comes to making a statement.

Group of people shooting blue confetti and powder into the air outside.

Just imagine the joy and elation in the air as everyone gathers together to learn about the new bundle of joy that will be joining the family. You’ve planned the party down to every last detail, the treats spread out, the guests playing fun guessing games and the atmosphere charged with anticipation for the new baby boy or girl that will soon be a part of everything you do.

It’s time to reveal the sex of the baby. It might be a surprise to just your guests or you will be finding out right along side them. The butterflies are fluttering in your tummy, or maybe it’s the baby, but you, your partner and your family are ready to finally find out if it’s a boy or a girl. The location is set, the cameras are ready, the photographer is in place and you can’t wait for those Confetti Cannon and Powder Cannon Combinations to go off. With a simple twist of the wrist your life will forever be changed. The countdown begins and you are giddy with excitement as the last seconds go by before the baby’s gender is revealed. Three, two, one…cannons shot color into the air all around you, cheers and laughter fill the air—it’s a…

Did you use confetti cannons, powder cannons or a combination of both at your gender reveal party? We would love to see! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram

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