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Fall Gender Reveal Celebrations Take a New Twist with Quality Party Supplies

Collage of couple posing with a balloon, then popping it to reveal pink confetti.

Lots of us think of fall as the last time we’ll be able to get outside and enjoy good weather for a while, and because of that, we host late summer barbecues, pool parties and seasonal events. It is also a perfect time for a gender reveal party and, because it can be held outdoors for the last time before winter, you can add a new twist to your big announcement by using premium gender reveal party supplies.

The Standard Gender Reveal Party vs. Your Event

Today, a gender reveal party is actually becoming a common event and lots of us have been lucky enough to attend a few of them. At these events, it is not at all unusual for the expectant parents to do things like slice into a cake specially prepared for the day, and the color of the cake (pink or blue) lets them know what the gender of the baby is, as well as providing a great dessert! There are also some who use tactics like oversized boxes wrapped in baby-themed paper and waiting inside are pink or blue balloons that float out when the lid is lifted.

These events require gender reveal party supplies, but when hosting outdoors in the autumn, you can add a bit more excitement to your gender reveal party. This is because you have options for items like:

In fact, you will see lots of couples using a few different options, such as popping a large black balloon that reveals itself to be full of pink or blue confetti as their family and friends pop their own confetti cannons.

Are these gender reveal party supplies safe? Absolutely! While the smoke bombs are not meant to be hand-held items and are simply lit and left at a distance, the powder cannons are, and there are many photos and videos of couples firing them as a way of announcing the gender of their soon-to-arrive baby.

Buying Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Naturally, you have to have an outdoor party or at least a space outside where the reveal can safely occur. You also need to answer one major question: Who is going to buy the gender reveal party supplies? After all, the fun of your gender reveal party is watching you react to the news. If you already know, it is not as much fun for your guests. This means you need to choose a trusted friend or family member who can be sworn to secrecy and who can then purchase the supplies needed. If you are working with a party planner, you may wish to entrust the big news to them and have them do the shopping and organizing.

A good source of supplies for an outdoor, autumn season gender reveal event is Gender Reveal Surprise. With a good assortment of both indoor and outdoor party supplies, they can ensure your big announcement is fun, colorful and, of course, a huge surprise!

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