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Make Your Gender Reveal Party Extra Special with High-Quality Supplies

Anytime you are planning a party, you want it to be something spectacular that everyone raves about. Gender reveal party planning is no different. In fact, it may be even more important to you that it goes off without a hitch because you are likely planning it for an important person in your life.

To ensure that your party is magnificent, you want to get your gender reveal party supplies from a high-quality and reliable source. At Gender Reveal Surprise, we understand how important this day is to everyone involved which is why we are proud to offer such amazing party supplies.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies you can Trust

All of the products we put on our site are guaranteed to be of a high-quality. We treat every party as if it was our own, and we make sure that your order is correct and shipped on time. You will find some truly great items that will take your party from ordinary to extraordinary.

Confetti cannons are a fan favorite, and we offer them in a variety of colors and sizes. There are the 12” confetti cannons, the 18” confetti cannons, and the 18” powder and confetti cannons. There are blue and pink options, and we have great silver or gold options as well. These gender reveal party supplies are meant to be used out of doors as the confetti can shoot up to 15’ in the air.

Another fun reveal can be achieved with smoke bombs! We have pink and blue smoke bombs that can emit a gorgeous cloud of colored smoke for all to see. The photographs that you can achieve with the smoke bombs will be some of your favorites for years to come. The smoke is completely non-toxic, but these are meant to be used out of doors.

Gender reveal party planning often requires a balloon surprise, and we have got you covered there as well. Our dark black balloons say “He or She, Pop to See!” on them, and are filled with either blue or pink confetti. There is about a cup of confetti inside the balloons, so all you have to do is fill with helium.

Add the final touches to your party decor with our sparklers. The 6” cake top sparklers will dramatically light up your gender reveal cake, but they are also suitable for a birthday cake or any other celebratory dessert. We also have number sparklers that can be used to light up the baby’s due date. Finally, we also have fun wire sparklers that make for a fun addition to any party.

More Gender Reveal Party Planning Tips

Gender Reveal Surprise has all of the gender reveal party supplies that you need, but we also have plenty of party planning tips as well. You will find so much useful information on our blog to help you decide on themes, games, and decor for your party. Plus, we are always available for answering your questions! Drop us an email, and we will be happy to help.

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