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Planning on Raising a Soccer Star? Announce it to Friends at Your Gender Reveal Party

Are you looking for unique gender reveal party ideas? If your family is into sports, why not celebrate your revelation with one of our gender reveal sports balls? While sports like baseball and basketball have long been associated with boys, both these sports, as well as soccer, have rapidly gained in popularity for both boys and girls.

What Are We Talking About?

Instead of the usual gender reveal confetti and smoke cannons, we offer gender reveal sports balls that can be filled with either pink or blue powder. From the outside, these balls look like the real thing. But when they are kicked, the colored powder creates a shower of colored smoke that reveals your baby's gender.

The ball is filled with the appropriate colored powder and then "clipped" together. They have been specifically designed to be easy to use and will explode with a colorful blast of smoke after being kicked. They can be kicked by an adult or by children as young as five and are perfectly safe. However, we do recommend that whoever is doing the kicking is wearing an old pair of shoes as they are likely to be coated with the powder.

Add More to Your Party

Gender reveal sports balls are one of the latest trends in gender reveal party ideas, yet they have become increasingly popular in the last few years. When you plan to raise your child as the next David Beckham or Brandi Chastain, the best way to announce your intentions to your friends is by using one of our gender reveal soccer balls.

Go all out and set up a soccer goal, complete with a penalty spot for your kicker. Talk to the kicker about what is going to happen when they go to kick a goal, so the only surprise is the color of the powder in the ball. Get everyone at your gender reveal party to stand along the "sidelines" while you build up to the moment.

Get them to start shouting and cheering just like they would at a real soccer game and have someone use a sports whistle to start the "kicker" running towards the ball. Be sure your kicker isn't trying to kick the "ball" into the next county as these balls are far lighter than the real thing; trying to kick one this hard is more likely to end up with your kicker lying flat on their back.

Moms Are Full of Bright Ideas

If you are like most couples, you have probably been subjected to hundreds of different gender reveal party ideas, so many, that it can leave you wondering how you will ever sort through them all to find the right one for your big day. The best way to put together your party is to stick to what your family knows best and if you are big soccer fans, our gender reveal soccer balls are the perfect solution.

We also offer basketballs and baseballs that you can fill with the appropriate colored powder for your big reveal. Make your gender reveal party one that everyone will remember!

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