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Gender Reveal Confetti Makes for Great Photo Ops

One of the first things you want to do after finding out you are pregnant is to tell everyone the good news. It's only natural that you should want to share such good tidings. But when your ultrasound images finally reveal the gender of your baby, figuring out how to let everyone know takes a little more planning. Gender reveal parties have become very popular, and the range of gender reveal party supplies includes items such as gender reveal confetti cannons, balloons, powder cannons, and many more items. The list continues to grow.

What Are Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons?

Simply put, gender reveal confetti cannons consist of a tube containing either blue or pink confetti and an air charge. To fire the cannon, you simply twist the bottom of the tube while pointing it into the air. When fired, the cannon pushes the confetti out with a loud pop, showering everyone with pink or blue confetti. These low-cost gender reveal party supplies offer plenty of opportunities for taking great photographs at the event.

  1. Catch the Moment – have a photographer ready to capture the surprise on everyone's face when the cannon is fired. The looks on everyone's faces should be one of both shock and surprise while they are being showered in pink/blue confetti.
  2. The Whole Party – instead of just the expectant mom having one of our gender reveal confetti cannons, you could give everyone in the party one, except for the photographer. Start the countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Fire! Take several photos of the party as the confetti showers them from above.
  3. The Grand Entrance – why not have the proud father stand just inside the door out of sight as the guests arrive, and when the expectant mother comes out from another room, shower her with confetti. Have a photographer ready to take pictures that capture the joy and surprise on the guests' faces.

Mix and Match

Along with gender reveal party confetti cannons, there are plenty of other gender reveal party supplies you can use to create fabulous photos. For example, you could take the party outside for the big reveal. This way you can use a mixture of confetti cannons and gender reveal smoke cannons for the guests to fire off after the countdown. The mixture of smoke and confetti will make for some amazed faces and great photos.

Keep in mind that our confetti cannons are perfectly safe for adults and children to use under supervision. They do not contain any pyrotechnics but rely completely on a small charge of pressurized air to blast the confetti high into the air before creating a floating cloud of pink or blue. The more confetti blasted into the air, the more photo ops you will have.

For an even bigger thrill and more color in the air, why not use our powder and confetti cannons that blast a shower of both at the same time. All of our gender reveal cannons have the same markings on the outside to help you keep your surprise a secret until the moment of the big reveal. Visit us for all your gender reveal party supplies.

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