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Planning Your Gender Reveal - Should You Tell Your Mom Ahead of Time?

Gender reveal party planning can be simple or involved, depending on how much energy you have. But before you get started looking at gender reveal party ideas, you need to schedule an ultrasound, if you haven't already had one. Even the most basic of ultrasound technicians can usually tell the sex of your unborn child at the right stage of your pregnancy. Once you know for sure, you have to decide whether or not you should tell your mom.

A Surprise for Everyone or Not?

No matter what type of gender reveal party ideas you come up with, you need to decide who you are going to tell. If you don't tell mom, you aren't going to get much help with your gender reveal party planning. On the other hand, if you bring mom in on the secret, you might find the help she can offer comes in handy, especially when you are heavy with child.

Pick a Theme

No matter what the sex of your new baby is, one of the most common recommendations is that you need to choose a theme. If you are planning to keep your secret until the perfect time during your party, stick to gender-neutral colors like yellow or green so you don't give the secret away. Put together paper cups, plates, and napkins. Add in appropriate decorations to give your living room a party atmosphere. If you tell mom, she can help with picking up the supplies and hanging the decorations (you shouldn't stand on a ladder, chair, or stool while pregnant).

What Are You Feeding Everyone?

If you are planning your gender reveal party to include a lunch or dinner, why not let mom help you organize a potluck instead of having to do the cooking. Maybe have mom prepare your favorite dish and then ask your guests to bring in the side dishes and desserts. This is a great way to keep your costs down and make sure everyone enjoys the food. Among the more popular gender reveal party ideas is to serve desserts with the appropriate colored frosting after the meal is over.

Let Mom Do the Planning

If you are still wondering whether you should let mom in on the secret ahead of time, think of this. With all the many things that need to be done as part of your gender reveal party planning from ordering the food to picking up gender reveal smoke bombs or confetti cannons, it’s a lot of work. Before you tire yourself out and put additional stress on your baby, let mom get involved - providing she can keep a secret!

Mom has always been a girl's best friend and there is no time like your pregnancy to turn to her for help. Of course, you should also include your husband in as much of the planning as possible. You never know; he might have some pretty cool gender reveal party ideas of his own that will make the part even more fun.

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