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Pink or Blue? Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Liven up the Party

Couple posing outside with pink smoke in the background.

You had a lot of fun announcing that you were expecting, and now that the baby’s time for arrival is growing closer and closer, you are eager to have a gender reveal party to celebrate. If you are like many other expectant parents, you do not want to know the gender of your baby until the day of the party, and so you have probably asked a friend to purchase the supplies. If you are looking for a really unique and exciting way to announce the news, have you considered gender reveal smoke bombs or gender reveal powder or confetti cannons?

While lots of people know about the different confetti cannons and surprise balloons (they are huge balloons that are filled with air or helium on the day of the event and then popped to release colored confetti indicating the baby’s gender), the gender reveal smoke bombs and gender reveal powder cannons are not as familiar.

What Are Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs?

The word bombs can make many people nervous, but they are not explosive or dangerous. They are simple canisters that feature a wick that, when lit, reach inside of the canister and cause a steady stream of brightly colored smoke to appear. In pink or blue, they create a wonderful effect in photos and videos, and are an unmistakable way to indicate a baby’s gender.

You can use them on their own or pair them up with gender reveal cannons and other supplies to create a rush of color and excitement all at once.

What Are Gender Reveal Cannons?

Again, just as the gender reveal smoke bombs make a lot of people hesitate, so, too, do the cannons. Yet, these are just as safe as the smoke bombs. They are hand-held gadgets in a range of sizes (often from 12” to 18” in length). They can be found as confetti cannons firing paper confetti or shinier foil confetti, or they can be similar to smoke bombs and blast out a quick burst of boldly pink or blue powder.

In fact, a lot of people love the look of the powder and will often have the expectant parents standing in front of their family and friends to easily fire off the hand-held devices.

So, if you have decided that your gender reveal party is going to use gender reveal smoke bombs and/or gender reveal cannons, you can have your friend or family member purchase them in the colors needed. As already indicated, you may want to make it a surprise to yourself as well as all of your guests. Life holds only a few such opportunities, and while waiting for the birth of the child is a great option, you can also share the moment with all of your loved ones by opting for a gender reveal party and these great supplies. Gender Reveal Surprise has a full array of cannons, smoke bombs, balloons and other accessories to make your party a huge success.

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