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Pink and Blue are the New Fall Colors - Plan Your Fall Gender Reveal Party with These 3 Party Tips


Are you looking for gender reveal party tips because you are hosting your own event or planning one for a friend? Almost as soon as you started to make plans, you probably realized just how trendy this sort of event has become. There are tips and gender reveal party ideas everywhere, and it can all become overwhelming almost from the start.

Tables set outside, set for a party.

The good news is that we have several effective gender reveal party tips that can help you plan an unforgettable, autumn season gender reveal party. While we like to say that pink and blue “are the new fall colors,” there is a lot more to effective gender reveal party ideas than the expected color scheme. Let’s look at our top 3 gender reveal party tips for fall parties.

Seasonally Inspired Gender Reveal Party Ideas

One of the best ways to work around the glut of information and suggestions about hosting or planning a gender reveal event is to steer away from the typical color scheme, and that is our first tip:

  1. Consider a seasonal theme – One of our favorite gender reveal concepts has been to follow a theme based on the season. Summer might be mermaids and pirates while spring might be a “what will it bee?” theme. For fall, we’ve seen “touchdowns and tutus” used as a fantastic seasonal theme.
  2. Go with a seasonal color scheme, as well – During the summer, you would probably have a garden party or barbecue, with lots of bright primary colors like red and green, right? And during the spring, you might have a bright and cheery brunch with lots of pastel hues. The winter might see you doing something inside with white and silver, or even an alternative option like a bowling party to get everyone out of the house.

One of the best gender reveal party ideas you might use is to go with the autumn-colored theme. One of our favorite examples would be the use of traditional Hershey bars as decorations, with their autumnal brown and white packaging. Yet, use blue to color in the first two letters “HE” and pink for the “SHE” in the middle and you’ve got the classic pink and blue along with the hit of autumnal brown.

  1. Get the goods – In other words, use the unique supplies that make the moment of the reveal a lot of fun. As an example, confetti cannons, smoke bombs, and surprise balloons are the main event, so invest in the best options available.

Putting These Gender Reveal Party Tips to Use

We hope these gender reveal party tips have inspired you to plan the most creative event imaginable. Going with a seasonal theme and color scheme sets you free to do a lot more than figure out how to integrate pink and blue into everything. Save that pink and blue for the big event, and instead use these gender reveal party ideas to inspire you to host what is sure to become one of your most unforgettable autumn get togethers with family and friends.

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