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Are You a DIY Person? Create Your Own Gender Reveal Kit. We Tell You How

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Are you involved in planning a gender reveal party? Maybe you are a pregnant woman putting together a fun and festive event at which you’ll tell family and friends the gender of the baby. Perhaps you are a friend who is doing the legwork and helping to make it all happen. If so, you’ve probably already been a bit overwhelmed by the numbers of party supplies available. This is one of the trendiest events around, and there are many items that you can buy for such gatherings.

A gender reveal box or kit is a popular option because it streamlines all of the issues of hosting a gender reveal party. For example, it will often include:

  • Paper plates and cups
  • Napkins and cutlery
  • Tablecloths and centerpieces
  • Garlands, balloons, streamers and banners
  • Games
  • Invitations and thank you notes
  • Gender reveal tools (i.e. confetti cannons or surprise balloons)

The supplies in the average gender reveal box or kit, however, are going to be locked into that pink and blue color scheme. They are also going to be “stock” designs and may not give you exactly what you had envisioned. That is why we suggest you do a DIY gender reveal party kit.

The DIY Gender Reveal Party

Above, you saw what the average pre-packaged gender reveal box would include, and as you can see, it is really just a standard “party in a box”. With the abundance of party supply stores around, you can instead choose a “theme” that would emphasize the gender reveal concept OR you can opt to put together a party that has a theme based on another fun concept. For instance, lots of expectant parents host a “mermaid or pirate” theme, a “mustache or lipstick” theme, and a “bows or bowties” event. This takes them outside of the general “pink and blue” and “is it a boy or a girl” theme and lets them have a unique party with the main event being the moment the gender is revealed.

Of course, going the pink and blue route is fun, too and yet doing your own DIY gender reveal party kit lets you put together materials that are of the quality and quantity you need. After all, you might find a pre-made kit with enough supplies for 24 guests, but you’re having more than 35. That means buying two kits, which is very costly and then gives you more than you need.

A DIY Gender Reveal Box Saves Time and Money

Rather than settling on a pre-made theme, inadequate supplies and a gender reveal box that may not live up to your expectations, just put together your own. Use your favorite real-world and online vendors to buy the exact goods you want.

And remember to focus on the “main event,” the gender reveal moment. This is where your DIY kit can really shine. Take time to source premium options like high-quality confetti cannons, large and exciting surprise balloons, and the remarkably photogenic smoke or powder gadgets. These are the “make or break” factors, so choose them carefully from a firm like Gender Reveal Surprise.

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