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Newly Pregnant? Start Planning Your Gender Reveal Party Now with These 3 Party Planning Tips

Go online and enter a search for gender reveal party tips, and it is likely that you will feel almost instantly overwhelmed. There are so many different ideas and themes, and people are getting more and more creative about the ways that they use gender reveal party supplies. While not all of these ideas are effective (or even advisable), there are also a lot of great things done at gender reveal parties.

Whether you are just minutes from seeing the little (+) sign on an at-home pregnancy test, or you are a few weeks in and ready to start letting people know of your joy, it is the right time to make plans for your gender reveal event.

Gender Reveal Party Tips for the Organized

If you like to be ahead of the game, whether it is getting your Christmas shopping done by October or having your taxes ready to be signed and sent by the first week of January, you will also appreciate these gender reveal party tips for the proactive people of the world.

  1. Schedule that ultrasound – If you want to get the gender reveal party supplies you’ve envisioned, you’ll need to know the baby’s gender ASAP. That means booking your ultrasound for the 20-week mark as soon as possible. NOTE: You, as the expectant parent, do not HAVE to be told. It can be a surprise. Just have the sonographer or medical professional write down the baby’s gender and put it in a sealed envelope. Remember, the 20-week mark is not a guarantee you’ll figure out the gender, and this gives you a few other chances for getting an accurate read at later ultrasounds.
  2. Pick the theme – One of the best gender reveal party tips we can give is to use a theme. Yes, it is a gender reveal, but will you choose the “It’s Time to Know” theme with lots of watches and clocks, the “What will it Bee?” theme with lots of bees, or even a pop culture theme? Get started on the theme early and you’ll have just the look you’ve been wanting.
  3. Pick a date and even send out save the dates – You can roll the “We’re Pregnant” announcement into a “Save the Date” for your party. In fact, lots of gender reveal party supplies include a save the date option with invites and other supplies.

Start Buying Your Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Another of the best gender reveal party tips is to begin shopping for and buying your gender reveal party supplies early in the game. Decide how the big reveal is to be done, such as via confetti cannons, popping surprise balloons or using smoke and powder devices, and then integrate this into your theme.

Planning and hosting a gender reveal party is a relatively new activity, but a wildly popular one. Getting a head start on it will ensure you have a great event. Let the team at Gender Reveal Surprise supply you with the most important items for your big day and help streamline the planning and partying!
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