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For Dads Only - Here’s Your Guide to Surviving Your Gender Reveal Party

When a couple decides to have a baby, there is a lot that goes into it. There is the picking of names, the decorating of the nursery, choosing a pediatrician, and making a birth plan. Then there are the celebratory events like the baby shower and the gender reveal party. Sometimes dads can feel a little left out of those celebrations because the pregnant mom takes center stage. On the other hand, there are quite a few dads that wish they would be left out of those celebrations as well!

When the gender reveal party planning is in full swing, it is a good idea to consider throwing dad a bone or two and adding some elements just for him. While the gender reveal is usually a more gender-inclusive event, there is still a tendency to land really heavily on the side of the feminine.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas that Make Dads Happy

Whoever is in charge of the gender reveal party planning can easily make the event a little more palatable for the men that will be in attendance if they remember to include a few masculine elements. While you don’t have to go so far as including an alligator in the proceedings, there are a few fun, manly things that the boys will enjoy.

Many dad-to-be find the pink or blue cake idea a bit too tame, and they prefer to have something a little more explosive. A good way to satisfy those manlier urges and get dad totally on board with the reveal is with a powder cannon! These fun cannons shoot non-toxic and water-soluble powder into the air for a fun surprise.

Another fun gender reveal party idea that can get everyone involved is a pillow fight. The gender reveal party planning crew can create these pinata-style pillows that are full of colored confetti, then for the big moment, the party turns into a giant pillow fight! Who wouldn’t be on board with that?

If dad is into sports, you can always incorporate a ball into the proceedings. There are gender reveal party balls for the golfer, baseball player, soccer player, and basketball player. A swing, kick, or a slam dunk will have the blue or pink powder popping out for all to see.

If mom and dad like to play the lottery, there is always the option to create scratch off cards that reveal the gender of the baby. Each guest can get a card to scratch or just the parents-to-be. You can really add a little more excitement by placing friendly bets on the outcome of the scratch.

Gender Reveal Party Planning

Your gender reveal party planning will go a little bit easier when you make use of the goods located on the Gender Reveal Surprise website. We have the items you need to create a truly spectacular party that moms and dads will enjoy. We have smoke bombs, surprise balloons, and sprinklers as well to create a truly celebratory event. Make your party absolutely perfect.

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