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Make Your Gender Reveal Party a BLAST with Confetti Cannons

Collage of couple with confetti Cannons with the words "make your gender reveal party a blast!"

Gender reveal parties have become a hot new trend. They’re all about fun and celebration and of course, revealing the gender of the sweet newest addition to your family.  Gender reveal parties are fantastic they are colorful, festive and most of all they are exciting! A gender reveal party can be as intimate or as large as the soon-to-be parents want, and there are tons of fun and creative gender reveal party items available. 

Most gender reveal party items include an element of surprise so that guests at the party go ‘WOW!’

Man and Woman surrounded by colorful balloons while shooting blue confetti cannons.

The gender of the soon to be baby is usually a surprise for everyone at the party, except sometimes the expecting parents find out ahead of time.  They know what they’re having, a girl or a boy or maybe one of each, but none of the party guests know! The entire party will have been a big build up until its time for the day of the big reveal! Grandparents and friends will be asking to know the gender in advance, and mom and dad can mysteriously say ‘Come to our gender reveal party and to find out!’

They whole idea of a render reveal party is to reveal the gender of the sweet baby to be and to celebrate this new addition to the world. What better way to announce to the world if this new baby is a boy or a girl than to use confetti canons.  Imagine you are finally telling your friends and family that you are having a baby boy by blasting blue confetti into the air to reveal the big surprise. 

It’s perfect!

Couple celebrating after shooting blue confetti cannons. While surrounded by colorful balloons.

A Gender Reveal party is all about fun, before the birth of the baby.  Usually the expecting parents will have decorated the party venue in a theme. There are tons of gender reveal party items for you can online and there are also tons of things you can do on your own. Pinterest is great for gender reveal party décor inspiration! If you’re having a girl, you may want to use pink paper plates, pink paper cups or decorate and serve pink cupcakes. You may even want to bake special cupcakes so that as you sink your teeth into them, blue frosting spills out to reveal a baby boy is on his way.

There are so many different ways to reveal the gender of the future babe, all of them delightful. You can have little party packs made for guests, in either blue or pink, or in both, just to throw everyone off track.  You can ask your guests to play guessing games.  Some couples even run a raffle or have themed scratch cards! You may even want to ask your guests to wear a specific color to show their guess as to boy or girl.

And of course, don’t forget the gender reveal confetti canons because nothing is more fun and exciting than confetti canons.  In fact, no party is complete without them, especially if you want your guests ‘oohing and aahing’in surprise. 

Did you use our gender reveal confetti cannons for your big reveal? We would love to see your pictures! Follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget we have a monthly photo contest as well! Email us your pictures for a chance to win! 

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