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Planning Your Gender Reveal Party: The Essentials Checklist - Part 3

Family and friends shooting pink confetti outside while surrounding couple

In the first two parts of this series, we talked about how to plan a gender reveal party, and gave you some great gender reveal ideas for the big moment. In this final part, we’ve got a handy checklist for you so that your party goes off without a hitch.

Pre-Party Checklist for Your Gender Reveal Party

Before you start getting all your gender reveal ideas ready, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Schedule the gender reveal ultrasound. You can’t schedule your party until you know when this is!

  • Choose the overall party theme. Check out our first post in this series for some great gender reveal party theme ideas!

  • Choose the venue and the date of the party.

  • Send out invitations.

  • Create the menu.

  • Decide on the décor.

Getting Closer to the Party: Gender Reveal Ideas

As the party gets closer, there are more things to do. One of the most exciting parts of this party is deciding how you’ll do the reveal.

  • Order any catering, including the cake. One of the most beloved gender reveal ideas is having a cake with either pink or blue inside.

  • Plan out any games or activities you’ll do at the gender reveal party. You may want to ask that guests guess what you’ll be having by wearing pink or blue to the party.

  • Plan out the big moment! Choose the product that you want to use, such as a powder cannon, or a confetti-filled balloon, that will reveal the baby’s gender. Consider whether you want something loud and exciting, or something sweeter and more intimate, such as opening a handmade quilt in the right colors. Decide who will be revealing the news, and who will be the one getting surprised.

  • Double check that the venue has your date reserved and check in with the caterers the week of the party to ensure they will be there.

Get Ready for the Party!

Now you just have to have a great party!

  • Arrive early so you can put out any “fires” before the party starts and to get the decorations up.

  • Consider having a person designated as the “timekeeper” who keeps the party moving so that everything can happen before your time is up.

  • Have your gender reveal moment and take lots of photos! Check out our second post for gender reveal ideas for photos.

  • Have fun!

That’s it. Planning a gender reveal party doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Check out all three of the posts in this series so you can easily plan for this fun event. And don’t forget to check out our gender reveal smoke bombs, confetti cannons, and more, to help make your gender reveal a special moment that you will never forget.

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