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Color the Sky with Gender Reveal Powder Cannons!

Family and friends surrounding a couple outside, while shooting pink confetti cannons.

Gender reveal ideas keep getting more and more unique, creative and even a bit over the top. Dropping hundreds of colored balls from a low-flying airplane, feeding a pet gator a melon full of blue Jell-O, and a bit of skydiving might be outside of your taste, but that doesn't mean you can't do a fun and unique gender reveal party. With some basic supplies and creativity, you can have lots of fun and even do a gender reveal that is in line with your lifestyle, interests and personality.

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas Based on Movies and Books

One way to enjoy a creative gender reveal party is to pick a theme you love and then integrate your gender reveal ideas into it. As a prime example, consider the Harry Potter-crazy couple that decided to make their gender reveal party a Harry Potter theme. They did the whole Hogwarts design scheme and in the center of the table was the famous Sorting Hat. Once everyone had arrived and had a few nibbles from the table full of kooky snacks, the hat was lifted and a robe in the appropriate color (pink for girl and blue for boy) was tucked inside.

Another couple turned two confetti cannons into the handles of "lightsabers," à la Star Wars, and did a mock duel. Once the crowd had enough of their fancy sword work, they ended the display by firing off the cannons and revealing the gender in a flash of sparkling confetti.

Getting Crazy with Color

Two other creative gender reveal ideas involve the use of colorful displays to do the big reveal. In one instance, a couple arrived to the gender reveal party in white clothing (she wore a cute sundress and he wore a t-shirt and shorts). The guests were given small water pistols full of colored water dyed in the right color for the gender reveal. When the moment came, the crowd sprayed the couple and learned the gender of the baby!

Another couple used their gender reveal party for a great photo moment and literally took the concept of "photo bomb" to a new level. Posing on the beach, they had placed an array of gender reveal smoke bombs in the right color (pink or blue) in a perfect circle in the sand. They stood in the middle and set them off, revealing the baby's gender and making a pretty cool set of photos in the process.

Copying Celebrities

Celebrities are always ahead of the game where gender reveal ideas are concerned, and in 2017, actress Kate Hudson helped to spread the whole gender reveal party trend by sharing her own video to social media. In it, she stood with her partner as they both waited to pop a large black balloon full of confetti in the colors that would reveal the baby's gender. This is now a huge trend and you can set up a party in any way you'd like and do like the rich and famous do, bursting huge balloons full of confetti, and having guests join in as the ultimate surprise.

If you are planning a party of your own, Gender Reveal Surprise has all you need to copy the ideas here and get even more creative with fun party supplies.

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