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Do's and Don'ts for Your Gender Reveal Party - Make Sure Your Party is Successful with These Hints

Gender reveal parties are one of the newest and hottest trends, and there are so many gender reveal party ideas out there that it can become overwhelming to even think of planning one. Whether you are the expectant parents or the one person entrusted with the big secret, we have some very important “do’s and don’ts” for hosting such an event.

Gender Reveal Parties Are Trickier Than They Seem

Here’s the thing about gender reveal parties – they are not as easy to slap together as many people think. Even if you are planning on something that involves little more than a bit of finger food, some games, a cake and the big announcement, it can still get complicated. And once you start considering the many gender reveal party ideas, it gets worse.

So, the first tip in our do’s and don’ts is this: Choose how to do the big reveal first.

Will you use a few confetti cannons? Perhaps a huge balloon is more your thing? Maybe you want to combine cannons and powders? No matter what, choose this first and then use that to seek out further ideas and supplies for gender reveal parties.

Why do it this way? Let’s say you are won over by the gender reveal party ideas emphasizing a country barbecue. You start to envision how you’ll pull this off in your condo or suburban home. But, you also decided you’d like to do the reveal with a smoke bomb. This probably won’t work in your setting. That would mean any planning is now a waste of time or you have to choose a different type of reveal.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas Can Help

Another of the do’s is to go online and look at the many gender reveal parties documented on places like Pinterest, Instagram and other websites. Take inspiration for things like food, games, and other gender reveal party ideas like gifts and clever reveals.

Often, you can find loads of ideas that can work within your budget and your chosen or preferred concept.

And if you are entrusting the information of the baby’s gender to someone else, be ready to turn over control entirely to them. For example, if you want it to be a surprise for you (the parents), you cannot interfere with the person who is getting the reveal supplies and making the arrangements for the big event.

If you have difficulty with this, let them handle only the reveal and you plan the party yourself. They can be in charge of finding the smoke bombs, confetti cannons, balloons and other options for that big and life-changing announcement.

While party etiquette always applies to your gender reveal parties, there are a few decisions and steps to make now that can ensure success. Choose your reveal method first, design the party around it, take inspiration from others, and let your helper handle purchasing the reveal supplies on their own. They can turn to Gender Reveal Surprise for a full array of supplies, including all of the methods we’ve discussed here!

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