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Your Newest Little Sweetheart is on the Way! Plan a Gender Reveal Fit for Valentine's Day

Planning a gender reveal party on its own is a pretty challenging activity, but if you have the chance to make it a Valentine’s Day gender reveal, it could add an extra element of fun. In fact, it could allow you to get totally unique with your décor, combining the classic pink and blue color scheme with the holiday’s common symbol – the heart.

Planning A Gender Reveal Party Outside of the Lines

By now, most of us have either been involved with planning a gender reveal party or have enjoyed one hosted in our honor. We know that there are so many creative ways to make the big announcement and lots of clever decorating schemes and ideas. Yet, a Valentine’s Day gender reveal is a totally unique opportunity. You can use the date to:

  • Use a pink and red color scheme rather than a pink and blue scheme
  • You could make everything about sweethearts, from the décor to the food and favors
  • You can use a “He or She?” theme with red lips (girls) and black mustaches (boys) as visual cues
  • You can have fun with a gender reveal cake or sweet treats by making the inside of each cupcake a blue or pink heart, like this creative baker did (HINT: It is much easier than you might think)
  • You can have guests each write a love letter to the baby and give them to the child in the future

As you can already see, planning a gender reveal party around Valentine’s Day is a good fit. Even if you stick with the traditional pink and blue, the use of hearts on everything and asking “what will our sweetheart be?” is an easy and fun twist on the traditional.

The Big Valentine’s Day Gender Reveal

Yet, when it comes to the big moment that your Valentine’s Day gender reveal occurs, we strongly urge you to stick to the tried and true methods. It can be amazingly fun to do creative things with décor and food, but as you are planning a gender reveal party, keep it all very simple with the actual reveal. Use trusted supplies that could include a confetti cannon, smoke bomb, powder cannon or oversized balloon full of pink or blue confetti.

And why should you stick with these classics for your Valentine’s Day gender reveal? If you take a few minutes to do a web search for “fails”, you’ll see that it is usually the gender reveals that entrusted the big moment to an untested method or a more complicated approach that end up going wrong.

Rather than risking any trouble with your big moment, use an acronym ideal for Valentine’s Day – KISS, or Keep It  Simple, Silly! You can go crazy with the food, décor and favors and really play up the Valentine’s Day theme, but for the big moment, turn to trustworthy supplies like those from Gender Reveal Surprise.
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