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Gender Reveal Parties that Make an Impact: Use High-Quality Party Supplies

Couple posing with pink and blue smoke cannons no a beach

There is no doubt that using high quality party supplies always makes a big difference in the way a party is experienced. Whether it is a child's birthday, a wedding shower, or a gender reveal party, the overall quality of everything from the tablecloths to the favors counts. If you are looking for a unique and high quality way to reveal the gender of your child at an upcoming event, consider the use of gender reveal smoke bombs (in pink or blue).

What are they? As the name sounds, they are safe and non-toxic smoke bombs that send out plumes of fog in pink or blue, according to the gender of your child. They can be used in many ways, and whether on their own or with other methods of revealing gender (such as confetti cannons), they can make for a very fun gender reveal party.

While lots of expectant parents know the gender of the baby and share that information during the gender reveal party, others have someone else plan their gender reveal party and allow it to be a surprise to them. In either case, the use of high quality gender reveal smoke bombs make it remarkably easy to plan the party and do the reveal in a way that is visually stimulating, not at all confusing, and as simple as possible.

Why Gender Reveal Smoke is a Good Choice

When you are planning your gender reveal party, it is likely that you will come up with a lot of unique ways the gender of the baby could be revealed. Balloons, colored cakes, confetti bombs…these are all great ways to let everyone know what to expect when the new baby arrives. Yet, gender reveal smoke can allow that big announcement to be done in a very controlled and specific manner.

As an example, a high quality gender reveal smoke bomb or two can be tucked inside of a box or bag safely, accumulating large amounts of the smoke. Then, when it is time to tear it open or lift a lid, it ensures there is no confusion as great quantities of brightly colored fog pour out, creating a great photo op as the smoke swirls around the smiling and excited couple.

As is the case with most things, there are always going to be differences between different brands of products, and you don't want skimp on quality. Be sure that the smoke bombs you use are non-toxic and easy to use. You don't want to deal with a ruined surprise because of a poor quality smoke bomb or other gender reveal product.

At Gender Reveal Surprise, shoppers will find all of the options listed here, and in the highest quality possible. Designed to make your party a success, the products are also safe, effective and reliable.
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