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Gender Reveal Party Etiquette - Know The Do’s and Don’ts

Gender reveal parties have been pretty popular in recent years. The origin of the parties is unknown, but some people link it to a viral video of a couple opening a sealed envelope that started circulating back in 2008. Origins aside, the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so it is probably a good idea to understand the do’s and don’ts of attending gender reveal parties.

The people that spend tons of time on the gender reveal party planning are expecting the event to go off without a hitch, and for the parents-to-be to have a good time and a grand announcement. You don’t want to be the person that spoils the whole thing by cutting the cake early or accidentally letting the sex of the baby slip!

The Etiquette of the Gender Reveal Party

One of the big questions that is at the top of everyone’s mind as soon as they get the gender reveal party invite is whether or not they are expected to bring a gift. This can be a bit of a tricky question because the answer is maybe. Some people choose to combine the gender reveal with the baby shower, and in that instance, a gift would be appropriate. However, if the gender reveal party planning is totally separate from the shower, no gift would be expected.

Don’t throw a gender reveal party if one or both of the parents really wants a specific gender. Let’s say mom is hoping for a girl because she has already had three boys. This is not a good time to throw a gender reveal party (unless you already know momma is getting that girl!) It will be awkward for everyone if mom can’t contain her disappointment over another boy.

Do invite family and close friends to gender reveal parties. While these should be rather intimate affairs, you want to invite the people closest to the parents-to-be. Random coworkers and the people from yoga class can be left off the invite list, but parents, siblings, best friends, and grandparents should definitely get an invite.

Don’t cut the cake, pop balloons, or mess with sparklers until the designated time. Those on the guest list of the gender reveal party should be given explicit instructions on how the big reveal will take place so they don’t accidentally ruin the surprise by biting into a cupcake a little too early in the proceedings.

Do tell all of the guests if or when they are allowed to share on social media. Announcing the gender of the baby should definitely be left up to the discretion of the mom and dad. No one should be Facebooking the big reveal unless they are given specific permission from the parents-to-be.  

Gender Reveal Party Planning Made Easy

If you have been tasked with putting together a gender reveal party, then you will probably want some help to get things moving.  Gender Reveal Surprise has the tools you need to throw a party that is out of this world. You will find sparklers, confetti bombs, and other fun party supplies.

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