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Add a Kick to Your Gender Reveal Party with our New Sports Balls

There are about as many gender reveal party themes as there are babies born every year. Each couple that throws a reveal party wants to incorporate a little of their personalities into the event, and that leads to all kinds of fun and exciting gender reveal party ideas. One of the more popular themes that has been popping up more and more often is sports. There are a lot of dads and moms that love to watch and play sports which is why we are excited to announce our new gender reveal balls!

Sports fans will love the added bit of fun these balls bring to the gender reveal festivities. They are filled with either a pink or blue power, that will come exploding out when they are struck or thrown. How fun will it be to incorporate your favorite sport with the announcement of your little one’s gender!

Gender Reveal Party Themes: Sports!

If your parents-to-be are big sports fans, your gender reveal party ideas probably all revolved around adding their favorite sport into the mix. It can be fun to use decorations in the colors of their favorite team (or teams if it is a house divided!) The food can all be themed according to the sport team or type, and everyone can join in on the fun when it comes time to do the big reveal. Watching one of the sports balls explode into a cloud of colored powder is so much fun, and it makes for a great photo op!

For those that take after Tiger Woods, we have gender reveal golf balls. Each kit comes with one ball filled with pink and one ball filled with blue, you simply choose the one needed for the baby which will be indicated by the sticker on the ball. There is a tee provided, and we recommend using a driver for a big impact. The sticker should be removed before placing it on the tee.

The gender reveal baseball is the perfect way to introduce the little slugger to the world! The ball is filled with a vibrant pink or blue powder that is non-toxic. Let mom or dad take a swing at this ball to reveal the colored powder within. The ball will explode on impact with the bat.

Get ready for a goal with the soccer ball gender reveal balls. These balls clip together with the colored powder inside, and the create a huge powder display when kicked. They are easy to kick which makes it a good fit if you are having a sibling help out in the big moment. We recommend using cleats or closed toe shoes when kicking the soccer ball.  

Slam dunk one of our gender reveal basketballs for a fun explosion of colored powder that will reveal the sex of your baby. Even if you miss your shot, the ball will still explode in a shower of vibrant color making it a fun and full-proof gender reveal party theme.  

Even More Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Surprise has plenty of party supplies to help you plan out a high-quality gender reveal party that the parents-to-be are sure to love. We have sports balls, sparklers, smoke bombs, confetti cannons, and more! Come see our wide array of party items.
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