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Gender Reveal Party Etiquette. Would Miss Manners Approve?

Collage of couple posing with a balloon filled with confetti, then popping balloon to reveal pink confetti.

A gender reveal party is a fairly new trend, and though it has been only a short time since expectant parents have started to bring everyone together to learn whether the new baby is a boy or girl, a lot of themes and traditions have developed. Because it is such a new thing, though, lots of folks are not quite sure about the etiquette associated with such events.

As one expert said, "Miss Manners has not known how to deal with this subject," and left questions unanswered about the whole issue. Does that mean you are on your own? Not at all! We are here with a bit of advice about gender reveal party etiquette and some tips handling gender reveal ideas and celebrations.

Gender Reveal Ideas Are Without Limits

To begin with, a gender reveal party is such a new thing that expectant parents seem to be pushing the boundaries with their gender reveal ideas. From crazy scavenger hunts and organized dance moves to skydiving and somewhat dangerous maneuvers involving alligators, the gender reveal party seems to have very few limits. That means one rule of thumb is to just take the gender reveal ideas of others in stride, for now.

If it seems peculiar, just go with the flow and enjoy the gender reveal party to the greatest degree possible. And if it is you who is organizing an event, remember that your gender reveal ideas don't have to be wild and crazy to ensure everyone arrives. Keep everything within reason and choose a theme or concept that is in line with your interests and even your hobbies (and budget!).

While doing a dance routine when eight or nine months pregnant might seem fun to you, remember it can make some guests nervous or even upset. There is no need to go "all out" with the lead up to the reveal since the reveal itself is the big moment. That is why props like balloons, smoke bombs, confetti cannons and powder cannons are a much better way to make the big reveal.

Etiquette for Guests

If you are a guest to an event, you might wonder what is expected of you (other than getting into the spirit of the moment and having fun). First things first - gifts are never obligatory or even expected. Unless this is also a baby shower, a gift is not expected at all. It is more like a picnic or social event. A good host and hostess will not expect anything other than a guest to have fun.

If you are asked to host the event for a friend who is expecting, it is likely that you are really going to be tasked with keeping the gender a secret (it may even be a secret only you know, as many parents want to learn the baby’s gender at the same time as their guests). This is a big deal, but there are many ways you can let them know without stress. We suggest the different props and supplies mentioned above for easier reveals, and at Gender Reveal Surprise, expectant parents and friends can find all they need for that fantastic moment.

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