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When Is the Best Time During Pregnancy to Throw a Gender Reveal Party?

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As you think about the purchase of baby shower and gender reveal party supplies, you might wonder when the best time is to host such an event. Interestingly enough, this question doesn’t often figure prominently in other lists of gender reveal party tips and suggestions, though it is hugely important. When it does occur, it usually looks at the issue in two ways:

  • Should you host it before or after a baby shower?
  • How early in a pregnancy is it smart/safe/wise to host the event?

Let’s consider the second question first. With modern technology, we can know the gender of a child as early as ten weeks, which is not even three months! That may be an exciting thing for expectant parents, but it is common wisdom to wait until the end of the first trimester to even alert people to the fact that you are expecting.

Once you are past that point in time, you can begin telling people about the baby AND thinking about the party. Yet, stop to consider whether you want the event to show a mom who looks like they always do, OR a mom with a big, round baby bump? For most, the bump is such a treasured memory that they want to have it on full display at the party.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies and a Shower

Of course, we can only give the best gender reveal party tips with an answer to that first question: should it be before or after the shower? Today, you can actually enjoy both events at once and get gender reveal party supplies that do double duty as shower supplies. And yet, among the many readily available gender reveal party tips is a common suggestion to do the reveal separately and before the shower.

The reason is fairly clear: It allows guests to purchase gender specific gifts. Most showers are held between the 28th and 34th weeks, leaving you enough time to find out the baby’s gender, allow your bump to grow nicely, do the reveal and then host the shower later, closer to the baby’s birth.

And what about those who want a gender reveal after the shower? One of the main gender reveal party tips for expectant couples is to skip hosting their gender reveal after the shower because it can lead to fewer people in attendance. It is why you may want to consider a joint event – reveal and shower (or, just do a reveal weeks before the shower).

Further Gender Reveal Party Tips

Doing both at once may appeal to those who hope to save money on their gender reveal party supplies and all of the rest. It is a great way to roll the idea of a themed event into the baby shower, and ensure that everyone can attend. They are often coed parties, and allow you to get creative with the gender reveal party supplies. For example, why not host a “what will it bee?” themed event with lots of gender neutral colors, including yellow and earthy tones? You can then use the different gender reveal gadgets from Gender Reveal Surprise to make the big announcement.

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