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Confetti Cannons and Smoke Bombs Add Excitement to Your Gender Reveal Surprise Party

When you plan a party using our gender reveal confetti cannons, the expecting mother won’t be the only thing ready to pop! A gender reveal surprise party is made so much more exciting when confetti cannons and smoke bombs are used to help announce the sex of the baby. It just adds a little bit of pizzazz to the proceedings, and it makes for a truly lovely photo.

We know that there are a ton of themes and gender reveal party supplies to sort through when you are trying to plan the perfect party. That is why we made things easy for you, we have collected a few really great tools like our gender reveal smoke bombs and put them all in one place!

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

No matter what theme you ultimately decide on, everyone will be so excited about the big event that there is no way you can disappoint them. Yet, you don’t want to aim for simply being satisfactory! You want to wow the socks off of everyone on the invitation list, and the best way to do that is with an explosion. Just imagine how much fun it will be to shoot confetti out over the heads of everyone in attendance.

We have several fun gender reveal confetti cannons to choose from. There are 12’ cannons with pink or blue biodegradable confetti inside that will burst 15’ into the air when popped. The confetti is made of tissue paper, and there are no combustible materials inside. We also have gender reveal confetti cannons that have metallic confetti inside. It will also shoot up to 15’ in the air causing quite the extravagant celebration.  

If you are having a non-traditional gender reveal party, we also have silver and gold confetti cannons that can be used in place of the pink or blue. The silver and gold choices are also a fun addition to other types of celebrations like weddings or anniversary parties.  

For those that want to avoid the bang, there are the gender reveal smoke bombs. These bombs come in pink or blue and are super easy to use. Just place it on a flat surface and light the fuse. A non-toxic and vibrantly colored smoke will soon start pouring from the smoke bomb creating a lovely cloud that will surround all of the people present.

Another fun way to announce the gender of the baby is with a powder cannon. They work similar to the confetti cannons. However, instead of shooting out colored confetti, they throw a display of colored powder into the air.

Even More Gender Reveal Party Supplies!

If you are looking to make your gender reveal surprise party a truly memorable event for parents to be, then you need to check out all of the supplies available at Gender Reveal Surprise. In addition to the gender reveal confetti cannons and smoke bombs, you will find plenty of other supplies to make the party truly spectacular. What are you waiting for?
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