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Which Reveal Product Will You Choose For Your Gender Reveal?

Decisions, decisions…life is always full of choices and many of them are a lot of fun. Chocolate or vanilla? Snow or Beach? Mile or Spicy? See how much fun decisions can be? And when you are “expecting” and organizing a gender reveal party, you also have tons of fun decisions and choices to make. One of the coolest decisions to be made will be about the precise method you use to make the announcement of your baby to be’s gender. Among the most exciting ways of doing it is using gender reveal products, What will you choose?

Powder Cannon?

Our Gender Reveal Powder Cannons add enthusiasm to a Gender Reveal Party! It’s super fun to announce the gender of a soon-to-be member of the family with friends and loved one’s present, and Powder Cannons add excitement. If you have ever been to a color run or seen a Holi Festival, you will have seen holi powder thrown into the air. Powder Cannons take that notion one step further with a high-powered cannon that shoots colored powder high into the sky. 
Family shooting a pink smoke cannon to announce their daughter.

Confetti Cannon?

Confetti cannons always add that wow factor to celebrations and would be an extra special addition to your Gender Reveal Party! It’s always thrilling way to announce the gender of your soon to be baby and gender reveal confetti cannons are exactly what you’ll need to relay the biggest news of all. Our cannons shoot about 15-20 feet into the air giving the surprise element you were longing for.

Family shooting blue confetti to announce their baby boy.

Smoke Bomb?

Smoke bombs are growing in popularity, especially if you are looking to have beautiful and dramatic keepsake photos. Our smoke gender reveal bombs emit clouds of non-toxic smoke and burn for about a minute and a half. These products should only be used outdoors and are NOT for handheld use as the tube tends to get hot when it is lit. Use our gender reveal smoke bombs at your gender reveal party for a festive display of fun and color!
Couple posing with pink smoke to announce having a baby girl


Whether you already know the gender of your baby or not, our gender reveal balloons will announce your big surprise to your guests in a fun, original way. They are 36 inches in diameter and come already pre-filled with pink and silver or blue and silver confetti inside. All you will have to do is fill the balloon with helium, tie a string/ribbon to it and “POP” it with a sharp object. Our gender reveal balloon will shower the couple with confetti and will give your guests a Gender Reveal Party to remember.
Couple posing with a gender reveal balloon.

 Sports Balls?

Have a love for sports and want to incorporate that into your Gender Reveal Party? Then look not further we have what you need! Whether you want to hit a home run with a baseball, hit a hole in one with a golf ball, score a goal with a soccer ball, or slam dunk with a basketball we carry them all. A striking burst of pink or blue powder will come from each ball as it is hit. Our Gender Reveal Sports Balls will be the most legendary celebration at any sports themed Gender Reveal Party.
Whichever option you choose is will surely make your Gender Reveal Party one your friends and family will never forget!
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