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How To Host A Budget Friendly Gender Reveal Party

Babies are a gift, and an amazing reason to celebrate. But babies are also expensive! When looking into hosting a Gender Reveal Party, I’m sure you aren’t wanting to spend a ton since that sweet new baby is set to be entering the world soon and every penny will be spent on him/her. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family what your soon to be baby will be! Here are some penny-pinching ideas while still hosting a Pinterest worthy Gender Reveal Party.


The internet is your best friends. Of course, who doesn’t like getting a sweet little party invite in the mail, filled with confetti and scented? However, the time and money spent on that postal charm is definitely something to think about. With so many online options these days like Facebook, Evite or Paperless Post; they are super easy to use and offer a variety of designs and styles. These are all great options, and completely free!
Photo example of a Facebook event cover photo for a gender reveal party.


Food can be pricey, so why not offer a potluck? Cost is an obvious benefit, but beyond that, it ensures that everyone has something they are excited to eat, and you get such a variety of delightful foods! Try making it themed by having guests bring Pink and Blue foods to reflect their guess for the baby’s gender.
Some ideas for already pink/blue colored food are:
Pink: Watermelon, Strawberries, Licorice, Pink Lemonade, Cherries, Pink Grapefruits
Blue: Blueberries, Blue Corn Tortillas, Every Blue Raspberry flavored candy, Jones Blue Soda, Blackberries, Blue Popsicles
Anything is possible with these colors!
Table covered with gender reveal themed food.


Want some super cute, elegant, yet simple and budget friendly decorations? Well try your local dollar store! From napkins, to plates, tablecloths, and tissue paper puffs, they have it all! You will have your Gender Reveal Party designed beautifully while still staying on a tight budget!
Gender reveal decoration examples including utensils and party favors. .

The Reveal Moment

There are so many cute options to choose from: Confetti Cannons, Powder Cannons, Smoke Bombs, Gender Reveal Balloons…the choices are endless and absolutely cost effective. Prices vary from $4-$8 depending on which product you choose.
Couple hugging while being covered in blue confetti, celebrating having a baby boy.
I’m sure families can easily go all out and spend hundreds of dollars to host an embellished party but a simple approach if you are on a budget is exactly what you need, and we have the ideas and products to help!
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