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It's All About The Gender Reveal Party Theme

Gender reveal parties have quickly become a “must-do” for all expecting mommy and daddy’s to-be over the last few years. There are so many adorable themes to choose from! Here are a few gender reveal theme ideas:


There are so many entertaining and cute sports gender reveal party themes; from Baseballs or Softballs, Touchdown or Pom Poms, Putters or Pearls, Free Throws or Pink Bows, the list goes on! The decorating ideas for all these sports themes are endless! When it comes time to do the gender reveal, keep the sports theme going by using one of our gender reveal sports balls. With just a hit, kick, or slam dunk, a burst of blue or pink powder will fill the air revealing your little all-star’s gender.

individual hitting a baseball full of blue smoke to announce having a baby boy.

Buck or Doe

If you like the country or hunting, a Buck or Doe theme is perfect for your gender reveal party. Fill a few balloons with paint; all of them one color and the reveal balloon pink or blue. Have Mom and Dad to be use a bow and arrow to pop the balloons to reveal the color! A plus to this idea is to stick the balloons to a canvas and once the reveal is done you have a beautiful keepsake. 
Buck or Doe prop with a balloon filled with pink paint to celebrate a baby girl.


Ahoy! Is it a girl or a boy? Set sail on the journey to find out with a nautical gender reveal. A pink, blue and navy color combination is adorable for a sea-inspired celebration. If you are doing a reveal over water, our powder cannons are the perfect choice. They require no clean up and cause no harm to any water animals.
Family celebrating having a baby boy with a blue smoke cannon on the beach.

What Will Baby Bee?

 This theme is a fun and creative way to get away from all the pink and blue decorations. There are endless ideas with all the rhyming words and decorating ideas. Covering a gender reveal balloon to look like a bee hive is a super cute and creative idea! Just pop the balloon and you will get showered in blue or pink confetti!
Bee hive prop to celebrate a gender reveal.
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