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Simple Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas For Your Gender Reveal

The day you find out you are adding a sweet baby to your family is easily one of the best days of your life. It’s a day you will never forget, so celebrate this new baby and your pregnancy, making every milestone something you will never forget. One of the biggest milestones during pregnancy is finding out the gender of your bundle of joy. Gender Reveal parties are an incredibly joyful event, that will bring a whole family together for one of the happiest announcements you will make. Building up the anticipation is so fun and exciting! Here are some fun ways to use gender reveal balloons for your gender reveal party!

Gender Reveal Confetti Balloons 

He or she? POP to see! These gender reveal balloons are 36 inches big and are filled with pink and silver or blue and silver confetti. All you have to do is fill them with helium and use a sharp object to POP to find out the color!
Couple popping their gender reveal balloon filled with blue confetti celebrating their baby boy

Gender Reveal Paint Balloons

Zach and Hanson had a simple, yet super fun reveal. They had a few different gender reveal balloons filled with paint and threw darts at the balloons. They attached the balloons to a canvas so when the balloon popped the paint splattered and created a sweet picture they will cherish forever!
canvas with three balloons attached. One was filled with blue paint to celebrate having a baby boy.

Gender Reveal Balloons in a Box 

The classic gender reveal balloons in a box idea has been a tried and true gender reveal for quite some time, but it’s still a great way to reveal your sweet baby to be! Its mess free, and so exciting to see those balloons come floating out! Another plus to this reveal idea is that the balloons can stay attached to the box, so you can be sure to get plenty of photos!
Balloon box filled with pink balloons, celebrating having a baby girl.
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