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Timing is Everything. When is the Perfect Time for a Gender Reveal Announcement?

Until the latter half of the 20th century, we had no way to know the gender of a baby until it was born. Even then, not all sonograms can pinpoint the sex of the baby until 18 to 20 weeks into a pregnancy. Not knowing meant there was no such thing as gender reveal party planning as no one knew whether they were having a boy or a girl. It also meant there was no way to know what color gender reveal party supplies to purchase for the event. Today, most parents know the sex of their baby long before giving birth.  When it comes to gender reveal party planning, knowing the right time to announce your big surprise can be challenging. Consider these options.

Before You Have a Baby Shower

Now that you know the gender of your baby, gender reveal party planning becomes much easier. Keep in mind that you don't want to have your gender reveal party too close to the shower as it won't give your guests much time to pick up gender reveal party supplies in the right color. In this particular case, the sooner you host your gender reveal party, the better.

After You Have a Baby Shower

Waiting until after your baby shower, you can avoid being inundated with pink or blue baby outfits, blankets, and supplies. When people don't know the gender of your baby, they tend to choose more neutral colors that can be used with boys or girls. In many instances, along with neutral colored gender reveal party supplies, you could end up with important items like baby bottle warmers, diaper pails, boxes of disposable diapers, and so forth. The only downside to having your gender reveal party after your shower is that you might have a hard time finding guests to attend as they have already been to your shower.

A Joint Gender Reveal Party/Baby Shower

When it comes to gender reveal party planning, consider having a joint gender reveal party/baby shower. This type of event can take a little more planning, and it's best to work with a close family member or friend. Together you can choose the right way to reveal the gender of your baby to the rest of the guests. You can use balloons filled with confetti or powder of the appropriate color and have your guests pop them.

You could have a pinata hanging in the room or out in the yard hanging from a tree. Blindfold your guests and let them swing at the pinata. Once the pinata is broken, the appropriate colored confetti should come out and reveal the gender of your baby.

Finding the perfect time to have your gender reveal party can be challenging. You need to choose a time when you can count on your guests to be free and when you have access to somewhere to host your party. For more gender reveal party planning tips and supplies, visit Gender Reveal Surprise. We carry a full selection of gender reveal confetti and powder cannons in pink and blue for you to choose from. 

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