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Planning Your Gender Reveal Party: Finding the Perfect Gender Reveal Surprise Party Products - Part 2

Picture of a bunch of blue balloons together.

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about how to plan a gender reveal party. In Part 2, we’ve got the gender reveal products you need to plan the most important moment of the whole event. Here’s how to plan the gender reveal moment, and a few options for how to make it exciting.

Decide Who Will Be in the Know

The first thing you’ll need to decide about the gender reveal moment is who will be the one that gets the big surprise. Some expecting parents want to surprise their friends and family, so they will use gender reveal products to unveil the big news. But in other cases, friends and family want to tell the mother- and father-to-be the exciting news. In that case, they will be the ones using the gender reveal products to share the answer to the parents’ most burning question.

Decide What Gender Reveal Products You Want to Use

Now it’s time to decide how you’ll go about doing the reveal. You can do something traditional, such as having a cake with a pink or blue inside, and reveal the gender by cutting into the cake. Or you can go big with a confetti cannon that showers the guests with pink or blue confetti!

There are plenty of options between those two extremes. Consider balloons with confetti inside that can be popped, or a piñata filled with colored glitter to reveal the gender.

Make the Moment Perfect for Photos

Many expectant parents want that special moment at their gender reveal party to create a stunning photo for the memory books. There are many ways to do this. You can use gender reveal products like colored smoke bombs that will surround the two of you in a cloud of pink or blue – very dramatic for photographs! Or you can try something fun, like having a “paint fight” with pink or blue, or spraying each other with colored silly string.

After the Gender Reveal Moment

After you’ve had that initial moment of surprise and excitement, you don’t have to just go back to the same party. Why not design your gender reveal party to be quickly customized for the gender? Consider having party décor that can be turned over or reversed to reveal a pink or blue theme after the news is out. Food in the right colors, or party punch in the right color, could be added to the tables after the moment as well. This is a fun way to make the reveal feel even more special.

Keep the focus on what you want from your gender reveal party. If you want an exciting moment filled with sparkle and noise, grab your gender reveal canon and have at it! If you’d rather have an intimate moment, there are many gender reveal products that can be a little more subtle like a bouquet of colored flowers or balloons.

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