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Planning Your Gender Reveal Party: A Basic Guide to What You Need for Your Gender Reveal - Part 1

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There are many aspects of being expecting parents that are special – but for many, finding out the gender of your baby is perhaps the most exciting moment. And what better way to celebrate that moment than with a gender reveal party? This is a little different than a traditional baby shower, so if you’re looking for some great gender reveal ideas, you’re in the right place. In this three-part series, we’ll help you plan this party from start to finish. Today, let’s start with what you need to plan the party.

Choose Your Gender Reveal Party Theme

One of the first things you’ll want to do is choose a theme. Many parents go for a “boy vs. girl” theme, with things like “touchdowns or tutus” or “bows or bowties.” But you can do any theme you like. Do you love the sea? Your party may be “pirates or mermaids,” Or you can just have a theme that you love, with décor that can be revealed to be pink or blue when the reveal itself happens.

Choose a Location and a Date for Your Gender Reveal Party

Next, you’ll need a location and a date for your party. You’ll need to make sure this party happens after week 20, which is when you can typically find out from an ultrasound what you are expecting. The venue should fit the number of people you want to invite – this could be anything from your dining room or backyard to a rented VIP lounge in a local restaurant.

Send Out Invitations and Prepare the Menu

Next, you’ll need invitations and a menu. As with any party, you can choose to have a full meal, or just a few snacks at your party. Cupcakes or some other dessert in the color of your gender reveal are common options.

Gender Reveal Ideas for Games and Décor

Make a list of some gender reveal games. Guessing games are common, especially games based on old wives’ tales about how to tell the gender of a baby. Ask guests to dress in the color they think your reveal will show (and give prizes for who guesses correctly!), or consider making a time capsule of advice for your baby when they get older. Décor will typically match your theme, with hidden elements that reveal the gender when you’re ready.

Plan the Special Moment

Finally, you’ll want to plan the special reveal moment. Stay tuned for part two of this three-part guide to gender reveal party planning, where we’ll discuss some of the unique things you can use to do this.

There are many gender reveal ideas you can use to plan a party, but the key is to have fun! Plan the party you want to have, and you’ll have some great memories to take with you forever.

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