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Pink or Blue? Or Maybe Both? Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Couples Expecting Twins

Go online for just ten minutes and look up gender reveal party ideas. Chances are you will find an abundance or even an overabundance of gender reveal party planning tips, ideas, and more. That is all well and fine when the couple is having a single baby and it is just one gender you have to reveal.

What happens, though, when someone is pregnant with twins? What sort of gender reveal party ideas are out in the world where revealing the gender of twins is concerned? After all, what kind of gender reveal party planning can be done when a couple is about to have both a boy and a girl? Never fear, there are plenty of gender reveal party ideas for that situation, too.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Twins

There is no reason to give up on gender reveal party planning when a mother finds out she’s about to have twins. Even if she is going to have one of each gender, there are many fun and exciting gender reveal party ideas available.

Let’s, however, start with the obvious benefit of getting one boy and one girl in one pregnancy – you get to use all of the gender reveal colors! That can be pretty confusing at the moment of the reveal if everyone is unaware that you are having twins, though. So, first things first, when you are doing the gender reveal party planning and sending out the invites, be sure you let everyone know that it is a gender reveal for twins.

This way, no one sits around saying “What?!” at the big moment. Instead, if they see both pink and blue, they can all understand (yourself included) that you are getting one of each.

And so, what kinds of ideas are being used by those having twins? To be honest, most are using the exact same setups as those having single baby gender reveals. For example, Cowboy and Cowgirl themes still work, Prince and Princess themes work, and even pop culture concepts like “Luke or Leia” (a la Star Wars) would work well too. This is because the reveal is done with color.

Take Care with Gender Reveal Party Planning

Do keep in mind that the use of things like powders and smoke may cause color blending if you do end up with a boy and a girl. For example, at Gender Reveal Surprise, you can purchase smoke or powder cannons. You’ll want to use them at a bit of a distance from one another, or tell everyone that the color purple means you are having a boy and a girl!

Though having two babies at once may change a lot of things about the way parenting is done, it won’t really have a big effect on the gender reveal. Whether it is two girls, two boys or both a boy and a girl, the same ideas, themes, and big reveals can be used effectively.

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