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How to Host and Attend a Gender Reveal Party

Collage of gender reveal images with the wording, "how to host and attend a gender reveal party."
Are you thinking about hosting a gender reveal party? From fun gender reveal party ideas to what food to serve and even some great decoration ideas, we’re sharing our best gender reveal party tips with you – plus what to expect if you’re attending one.
Gender reveal parties are the latest way to reveal the gender of your baby to your friends, family and most importantly the parents-to-be!
Typically, the mom and dad-to-be invite friends and family to find out with them if their sweet baby is a little mister or misses. This usually involves their doctor writing the child’s gender on a piece of paper that is then handed off to someone who creates the “reveal surprise.”
At the party everyone finds out the gender of the baby together through a fun activity like confetti cannons or even smoke bombs!
Woman and Man with a baby surrounded by pink, white, and blue balloons and blue confetti.
While there are a million ways to host a gender reveal party, usually you can expect to vote on whether you think the baby will be a boy or a girl.
At the Blake Family Gender Reveal Party, guests wrote their best guesses on a chalkboard. You might even be asked to wear pink or blue – depending on your guess. At my gender reveal party, I gave my guests a blue or pink clothes pink to represent Team Girl or Team Boy.
At a designated time, everyone gathers around to find out the gender of the baby together. Some common gender reveal surprise ideas, or ways to reveal the baby’s sex, include:
  • Mom and dad-to-be open a large box filled with helium balloons. If the balloons are blue, it’s a boy. Pink? It’s a girl.
  • Mom and dad-to-be cut into a cake. If the inside is pink, it’s a girl. Blue? It’s a boy.
  • Mom and dad-to-be pop large gender reveal balloons. If blue confetti comes out, it’s a boy. Pink? It’s a girl.
You get the idea…
A Fun Way to Reveal Baby’s Gender
At the Blake Family Gender Reveal Party, we used confetti cannons to create a beautiful cloud of pink or blue. Jen and Dave gave us the note from their doctor (that was sealed in an envelope to keep the secret), so we could order the correct colored cannons in advance. This allowed Blake's to be surprised as well! The party continued as everyone waited for the big reveal.
Finally, it was time for big reveal! And....
aerial shot of people outside shooting blue confetti in the air.
It’s a BOY! Team Boy was very excited about this!
Usually, gifts are not necessary at a gender reveal party. Save your gift ideas for the upcoming baby shower, sprinkle or sip & see. If you still feel like you should bring a gift, I always like to bring a box of diapers. You can never have to many diapers!
Did you use our gender reveal confetti cannons for your big reveal? We would love to see your pictures! Follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget we have a monthly photo contest as well! Email us your pictures for a chance to win!
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