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He or She? Use Old Wives' Tales to see!

Collage of gender reveal party props
Planning your gender reveal party and looking to add something fun and exciting? I have some great ideas for you! When I was pregnant I would get the oddest questions from people about how I was feeling or what the baby was doing. When I would ask why they wanted to know they would respond “Oh, it’s just an old wives tale”. I always thought all the old wives’ tales were so funny! Yet so many of them were true for me! Madi Loves Kiwi makes an adorable old wives tale sign that you can use at your reveal. Simply circle the answer the old wives’ tale and let your friends and family try and guess if your sweet baby to be will be a boy or a girl based on your answers! One old wives’ tale I never believed was if you have a lot of heart burn your babies will be born with a head full of hair. I thought to myself, that is crazy! What does one have to do with another? However, both of my girls were born with heads FULL of hair after having terrible heart burn my entire pregnancy. Another crazy old wives’ tale I heard the other day at a friend’s baby shower was the garlic test! This wives’ tale predicts that if you can eat garlicy food and not smell like garlic after eating it then you will be having a girl! This is definitely one of the crazier old wives’ tales I have ever heard. Try this one at your (and your significant others) own risk!
Old Wives Tales sheet of ways to know if a baby will be a boy or girl
Looking for a unique idea for the big reveal? I love the gender reveal balloons! They are so fun and easy to do! Plus, you can get some great pictures! Our gender reveal balloons are giant 36 inch balloons that are black to hide the confetti color inside the balloon. Our gender reveal party balloons kit comes with the balloon prefilled with the confetti so all you have to do is inflate the balloon with helium and you’re ready to go! Just get a pointed object to pop the balloon and you will be showered in pink or blue confetti! Our gender reveal balloons have the wording He or She Pop to See! I have seen some really cute balloon decorations to make the balloon fit your theme. Some people add pink and blue streamers to the string of the balloon to match their theme. Another couple have a Bee themed gender reveal party and the wrapped the balloon in yellow tissue paper to make it look like a bee hive! It was adorable for their What Will Our Baby Bee theme!
Collage of couple using a gender reveal balloon prop for their gender reveal.
Did you use our gender reveal balloon for your big reveal? We would love to see your pictures! Follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget we have a monthly photo contest as well! Email us your pictures for a chance to win!
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