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3 Steps On How To Have A Spooktacular Pumpkin Gender Reveal

Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkin carving, which is why many people choose to incorporate it into their Gender Reveal around Halloween time. If you or someone you know is finding out the gender of their baby in October, take advantage of the Halloween month. Throw a spooky, entertaining "What Will Our Pumpkin Be?" gender reveal party! The most important part of a gender reveal party is the reveal itself! Choosing our handheld smoke bomb is the perfect product for your pumpkin reveal. This gender reveal idea makes for a great photo op of the parents-to-be and one to remember for years to come!

Items Needed: 


Carving Tools


Pink Or Blue Handheld Smoke Bomb

Step 1: Carve Your Pumpkin

Once you take the pumpkins seeds out of the pumpkin, carve your design of choice on the front.

Picture collage of cleaning out a pumpkin and carving a face into it.

Step 2: Make the Hole For The Smoke Bomb

Trace the top of the smoke bomb onto the back of the pumpkin. Carve the hole slightly larger than the traced circle with the carving knife.

Cutting hole for a smoke bomb to be placed in the pumpkin

Step 3: Reveal The Gender

Place the top back on the pumpkin. Pull the pin from the smoke bomb, insert the smoke bomb into the pumpkin, and enjoy your spooktacular reveal!

Picture of a carved pumpkin with pink smoke coming out of it.
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