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Planning The Most Fun Gender Reveal Party with Powder and Smoke

When planning a gender reveal party everyone wants to do something new and creative to announce if they are having a baby girl or baby boy! Lately we have been seeing so many smoke bombs and powder cannons reveals! They are an explosion of color and help to create the most beautiful pictures. Not only will you and your loved ones be surprised to find out the gender of your sweet baby but will be wowed by the bright pink or blue cloud they see!

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs are so much fun! Whether you are doing a gender reveal party or gender reveal photo shoot these are the perfect choice! So many people are doing gender reveal photos as well to be able to post on social media for friends and family far and wide to see! Our pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs are packaged discreetly so that no one will know what color the smoke will be until you are ready for your reveal. Our pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs are easy to use, and they emit non-toxic smoke, so they are safe for you and your sweet baby to be. A beautiful cloud of pink or blue smoke will fill the air when it is lit.
A couple posing with pink smoke bombs, announcing them having a baby girl

Powder Cannons

Powder cannons are such an exciting product to use to do the reveal at the party. Our pink and blue gender reveal powder cannons add fun excitement to every gender reveal party! Using several powder cannons creates a beautiful large burst of pink and blue and allow your friends and family to be involved in your reveal. Our powder cannons are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink and blue. The rice powder is non-toxic, so it is safe for you and your little one. The powder is also biodegradable making clean up a breeze! Our powder cannons are made with compressed air and are very easy to use! Just hold with both hands, point the cannon towards the sky, twist the bottom of the tube and “POP” You’ll be in a cloud of pink or blue! Worried that the cannons will give away the color of the powder before your reveal? We have that covered! Our Gender Reveal powder cannons are generically marked. They do not say the color on the cannons. Our cannons are marked with a number on the back side of the cannon and when they are shipped, we send a card with them explaining how to tell the color of the cannon.
Couple outside shooting blue smoke in the air to announce having a baby boy.

Sports Powder Balls

Is your hubby a huge sports fan? If so, then powder filled sports balls are the way to go for your Gender Reveal! Once the ball is hit, kicked, or slam dunked, an explosion of pink or blue powder fills the air!
Individual hitting a blue smoke filled baseball announcing them having a baby boy
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