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Gender Reveal Epic Fails You Do Not Want at Your Gender Reveal Party

Sometimes your Gender Reveal Party goes off as planned without a hitch, and then sometimes... well, let's just say it becomes a memory they'll never forget. These Gender Reveal parties started off with the best intentions, but they turned out to Gender Reveal Fails.
Balloon Surprise? Maybe Not…
This couple decided to tie the string of the balloon into the ground and hit it with a stick. Needless to say, the balloon had other plans and came unraveled and flew away into the air. We recommend when using our balloons to hold on to the string you have tied onto it and “POP” it with a needle or sharp object of some sort making your Gender Reveal absolutely perfect.
Strike 3…You are OUT!!!
When using a Gender Reveal Sports Ball, like the baseball here in this video…it is a better idea to do the Gender Reveal over grass just in case there is a swing and miss like in this video. If you toss the ball and it lands on the grass, there is a better chance of the ball not bursting and you can have a redo. We do not recommend doing it over concrete or like with this reveal…on someone’s head.
Yikes, a TRUE burnout?
If you are looking for a safer way of announcing your sweet baby to be’s gender, then look no further than buy using our Confetti or Powder cannons. Instead of burning up your car and it catching on fire like with this Gender Reveal, our cannons are handheld and with a simple twist confetti or powder will BURST beautifully into the air without a fire. Let’s just say you won’t have to call the fire department with these Gender Reveal products.
Gender reveals can be breath-taking and a fun way to document the journey on the road to becoming a parent. They are a huge creative project that parents spend weeks planning and turn into social media or scrapbook keepsake photos that will be admired forever... Don’t let your perfect moment turn out like these Gender Reveal Fails. Instead use our products to embrace that perfect memory that you will remember for the rest of your life.
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